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Thursday, January 26, 2017



For those in the know, beef tripe is from the cow's stomach, it is the muscular part. It looks like honeycomb, it's white because it is bleached and blanched before it comes to market, the product is very tough, forget chewy at this point, it is just tough period! So how do you cook tripe? My Filipino background, and watching my parents cook it, it stuck with me, and I haven't made this any other way except with these following ingredients.

2 lbs. of honeycomb tripe
2 large tomatoes diced
3 cloves of smashed garlic
2 inches of fresh ginger peeled and smashed.
2 large cans of low sodium tomato sauce
2 large cans of water (from tomato sauce)
2 bay leaves
1/4 or more of patis (fish sauce)
1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar
Salt and pepper to taste

The trick is to boil the tripe in water until for about 20 minutes, ridding some of the scum, then drain the water, then add in diced tomatoes, garlic, ginger, tomato sauce, water, bay leaves, fish sauce, vinegar, and simmer for about 2 hours, or until it is for tender. (Or close to it). Adjust seasonings, serve hot with white rice.


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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Spicy Eggplant, Chinese style, Sichuan style, hot with heat, spice and lots of love! 

This dish is simple to make, not quite as good as my late brother Chef Harold's but I think in time, it'll be closer. It was edible for sure, as family members did eat it all. The trick in this dish, is that you need to cook the eggplant first, and you need to fry it for the real flavor, I mean if you baked it to soften, nah, it would not work. So you would need to slice the eggplant (large round), into squares about an inch and half square, and you need to slice slits into them so it soaks up the frying oil better, it will cook faster. Then once done, take that cooked eggplant slices and put it on the side on some paper towels to drain the oil.

Next is making the sauce. I'll tell you what I used.

I used, canned chicken broth low sodium, hoisin sauce, chopped jalapeƱo peppers, ginger garlic mixed, sugar, and soy sauce, and a cornstarch slurry to thicken. That's all I'm going to tell you, now it's up to you on how you want it made. Haha! Let me know how it turned out at your test kitchen.



Sushi, the ultimate. Seasoned white rice, with rice vinegar, mirin, kombu, brilliant! Absolutely fantastic. Stretched medium size shrimp, cleaned, shelled, and battered in tempura batter, and fried, seasoned with salt and pepper. Cucumber slices, sesame seeds toasted. So good. And then all rolled into an inside out foodie love affair. Oh yeah I forgot, poached asparagus too. Lemons for garnish, and topped with Kum Kee's Sriracha Mayonnaise. Hmmm so good. And you don't need to be a master sushi roller, shit, just have fun rolling it. If it's loose, who gives a _________!

I rolled about 5 of these guys, and it sold out at our house, so shit I must be doing something right eh? Cool baby! And just think, in about 10 weeks, it's MLB time again! Yee Ha, is the DODGERS going all the way this year? Ahhhhh......who cares!



In a test kitchen a few months ago, I was looking at some of the ingredients I had on hand. And I decided to play around a bit. And this is what I had on hand that I mangled haha!

I had about 7 red Maui style hot dogs, ready to be tossed in a few days, rice wrappers for summer rolls, a used bottle of Sriracha, the bottle was clogged, nay! And a few limes I used for juicing, and saved the peels for some green flower garnish as you can see, yay!

I simply rolled the hot dogs into the rice wrappers, and deep fried it in vegetable oil, made it crispy. Now mind you, at this juncture, I had no idea what to call this shit! Not one idea period. So I got a square white plate, stacked up the rolled hot dogs like how you see it here. And then started to drizzle some Sriracha, but the stupid nozzle was clogged, and a nice drizzle turned out like blood splatter, go figure that shit out.

So as I got my iPhone 6s out, taking pics, and reviewing my photos, I decided shit, this looks lie a crime scene. The drizzle was blood splatter, hey that's blood! And the rolls for some odd reason to me looked like cigars. OK I called it Cigars at Crime Scene. There you have it folks from Chef Ron's test kitchen. 

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Local style breakfast, 2 eggs over easy, a can of fried Libby's Vienna Sausage, toast with butter, and whatever beverage you want, it's all good, ready for that Yay Day!

Growing up we did not have lots of money, in fact we still don't, but we get by. When times are a bit slim on cash, and we need to stock up on some food, we really don't hesitate on buying canned foods. Now before you hardcore organic vegans crucify me, we grew up on canned foods. Well not all the time we ate that stuff, but look. If we can't stock up on good beef steaks for breakfast, the next best thing is getting the canned stuff. And believe it or not, I turned on some of my buddies who just thought canned foods are gross, and had them try Libby's canned Vienna Sausage, and guess what? They liked that shit! Really! No shit!

So if you are low on cash, and can't afford the good breakfast sausage, try a can of Libby's Vienna, you may like it. Of course don't eat that all of the time, you can get sick. Just enjoy it in moderation. Simply take out the sausage from the can, drain the water, and toss it into a pan with some vegetable oil, and fry it as crispy as you want.

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When you are craving raw ahi, sometimes you can find a good deal at the supermarket. Just to satisfy your tastebuds. You don't need to spend a lot!

When all you need is a little taste, you can pick up a small piece of sushi grade ahi, maybe just a 1/2 a pound, and slice it up. Simple. Easy. No need to go to a sushi bar and spend a lot for a plate. Those $$$$$ add up. When it does, you'll end up in the Nay column and not the Yay column.

1/2 a pound for $5.99 was worth it.

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Do you love salmon? My favorite is salmon sashimi, raw fresh salmon, chilled. Just have fun with that sashimi knife and slice up some cuts. On this day just having some fun in our kitchen studio, I got a pound of king filet, and sliced up some pieces. Made some rectangular forms, and a couple of roses. The practice continues.

The richness of the salmon is perfect, the tenderness, the buttery texture, the flavor is unique. In fact I served this with just soy sauce and ginger, no wasabi, no hot mustard, just simple stuff, for a simple dish. Listen, don't get too complicated with sauces, a lot of times sauces mess up a good thing. Like the other day I went to Burger King, ordered the King Bacon Burger. And it was filled with ketchup and mayo, it was ridiculous. Keep sauces to a minimum, let the true star of the dish standout! In this case it was the King.

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Banana Dolphin

Banana Dolphin!

When the kids don't want to eat fruit of any kind, you may want to test your knife skills. Here's a Banana Dolphin I learned how to craft, not as pretty as my instructor's, however, it did the job. The little dude ate it all.

1. Slice the inside of the banana, not too deep just the skin, from about a few inches from the top all the way down to the end. Remove the fruit, and slice a few pieces, and eat the rest.

2. Make slits, to resemble fins, both tail and pectorals. Invert it completely.

3. Trim the stem and make a slit in the stem to make the mouth.

4. Using a black Sharpie pen, dot the eyes.

5. Place the sliced bananas on to the banana peel (skin). Viola!

Okay it's not perfect like my instructor's but it served its purpose. Not bad on the first try guys. And I do have arthritis creeping into me hands eh? So go easy on me all you 3 star Michelin chefs! LOL.

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Beef Stew at Princess Piikoi Cafe Kapalua Airport Maui

Princess Piikoi Cafe @ Kapalua Airport Maui 

Owner George Paoa, and Chef Kanamu Balinbin are local products of West Maui, both alumni of Lahainaluna High School, they have a business relationship that is thriving slowly on the slopes of Mahinahina. As of right now, this small airport will be installing security from TSA, and once that happens, the easiness of getting a delicious plate lunch will be gone forever! Now, I can just simply pull up curbside, walk in and get a plate, and sit looking out the wide window to enjoy the view of the ocean, and it is whale season, so if you are a visitor, head up there for real local food!

Today's special is Beef Stew, 2 scoops of white rice, and a scoop of macaroni salad! Ono (delicious!) The prices are totally reasonable, if you got 15 bucks on you, you're good to go, with a plate that will put you in a coma, and a nice beverage. 

Phone 808-283-7152

             Mr. Curtis Kaiwi- Fan

Owner Mr. George (Kapule) Paoa

Yours Truly Foodie Blogger
Chef Ron!

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Welcome First Blog for 2017

How's it going friends, it's been awhile eh? Haven't been food blogging for a few months because I am busy getting other projects off of the ground level. Has anyone been eating out lately? Please go to my Facebook page, Ronald R. Sambrano, let's be friends, that is foodie friends, and share some of your food experiences.

As far as this blog is concerned, when I do have the time, I'll share some recipes or stories for you. Hope all of you had a great New Years, and Christmas. Take care, and I'll try and share something for you soon.

Chef Ron Sambrano