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Saturday, June 28, 2014


"Sorry your sauce was a little to bland."

"Sorry I liked your presentation but the duck was really too salty, Chinese cooking is not you girlfriend, stick to what you know."

"Love it! You're the next Chef of the Universe!!!"

Don't get me wrong, I love videos, love food, love the creations that chefs are dreaming up these days. However within the last few months, my thoughts have changed drastically on how media and food go hand in hand. In the early 90s, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer, and have since then beaten it, I thank God everyday that it's possibly gone forever, but still I pray that it doesn't come back. Diet is a huge part of why people get sick, we are being blitzed constantly by food ads of edible products that's not healthy. I know the truth, good whole foods can heal cancer as well as other illnesses.

So what's on my mind with the food media? We have a chance to do a 180 on what the sensationalists are doing, promoting chefs like rock stars, promoting foods in such a way I cringe knowing that some of my friends are struggling to just pay rent, and put food on the table. I apologize for I cannot watch another food show on t.v. unless it has total meaning to help someone. Food to us who grew up poor in Hawaii, is to be sacred almost, not to toss around in a food fight, but respected in that, we are thankful whoever cooked for us did just that. If someone offered me food and I refused, my dad would give me an ear full. Never turn away food, unless it's something that will not agree with you, other than that, food and the cook, and the home is to be respected.

Why am I here? I believe I was put on this earth to share whatever it is that God has given me to share with the world, to change the world, to help it see that tomorrow could be there for them, and for the better. I see nothing really wrong with entertainment, and adults acting stupid, in some way it makes me laugh which we all need to do. However, as a producer, as a talent in the food media business, I know deep in my gut, my calling isn't to be a rock star chef, or a rock star producer or blogger. But to create content and products to help a world that is struggling because of illnesses, my job with the right team is to make this ill world a much brighter place to be. I will use my healthy cooking knowledge, by the way I am continuing to learn, to do just that.

My days are numbered, I will strive every day to help those in need, to teach them the right way of cooking and eating so that their health will be enhanced. I hope you who are reading this blog will understand I have a mission from God. And if you do help me, you will have a return on investment. My job is vitally needed. My job will possibly create more jobs. 

Ron Sambrano 

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Yesterday the family went golfing at Waiehu Golf Course on Maui. The scores sucked, we all had our tiny moments of glory, a par here, a single bogey there. Yours truly is playing with a bad back, I got a less than a 100% follow through on my swing which makes me look like a cripple out on the course.

However, after the round we all decided to eat, and since the golf course doesn't have a restaurant to dine in, we had to travel a few miles into Wailuku Town to a little bar/restaurant called Tiffani's. Now Tiffani's may sound like a lounge sort of, like where there's cute Asian girls hustling drinks from lonely old guys or the pervs in the world, you know what I mean. Actually look at the second to the last photo, that's what the inside looks like, so it kind of looks like there's some deals going down there or something, but the food was on a scale of 1 to 5 and 5 being all perfect, I'd give them a 3.88; pretty good.

The Fat Noodle Chow Fun was not bad, and the rest of the clan ate the Battered Mahi and the Teishoku (combo box) with Katsu, Mandu, Rice and Calamari Rings.

Tiffani's was good, it did the job, most importantly their air conditioning was working very very well.

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Monday, June 23, 2014


Korean style food is very popular in Hawaii, one of the popular dishes is of the noodle persuasion a dish called Japchae (jop chye). It is made with sweet potato noodles (dangmyeon) and it is stir fried with sesame oil, thinly sliced onions, carrots, mushrooms, some cooks add spinach, and the sauce is a soy sauce base that is sweetened, some cooks make it spicy with kochujang or a hot pepper paste, it depends on the palate. 

Here are some Japchae pics from Google Images

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Potlucks are nothing new in Hawaii, it is common for locals to invite friends and family over for a potluck where everyone or each family will bring a dish. More than likely the host will ask certain people to bring the veggies and fruit, some to bring the entrees making sure no one brings the same thing, and of course the desserts. Most times in Hawaii, the respectable women known as aunties, will just bake something even if their duties was not to bring dessert they'll bring it anyway because they love food, and want to share. Sharing is big in Hawaii, like some other parts of the world.

Here are some photos off of Google Images of the foods commonly eaten at a local Hawaiian potluck.



So you are from the mainland or elsewhere and searching for a great spot for breakfast with an ocean view, look no further than well…Napili Shores Resort where the Gazebo Restaurant is located on the beach. Its been an institution here on Maui for decades, they are famous for their fluffy pancakes that you can add macadamia nuts or white chocolate to it, and the fried rice with all the breakfast meats you've known to love.

As a foodie, and a cook myself, I must say the food is good, I would not call it out of this world simply because we cook the same stuff pretty much at our house, however for any newbie that comes to Maui in search for local breakfast well, the Gazebo Restaurant is tops for sure, you'll get good quality food all the time, they are very consistent in the execution department.

Located on Lower Honoapiilani Road, about 3/4 of a mile before Kapalua Resort, and about 10 minutes north of Kaanapali, at the Napili Shores Resort, with your smart phone just Google Map it and it'll lead you to it, very easy to get to. Just remember sometimes the lines are long, well most of the time. Say 30 to 50 minutes depending. But once there, once inside you'll relax, enjoy your company and good food, also the view of the ocean is sensational.

5315 Lower Honoapiilani Road
Lahaina, HI 96761

Pictures from Google Images

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Sunday, June 22, 2014


Tempura or battered food items that are deep fried is a very popular dish in Hawaii or Local Grinez. The Japanese that immigrated to the islands brought over their style of cooking and tempura was one of the products.

There is nothing better than a battered piece of shrimp, or veggies, dipped in a soy and mirin sauce, with rice, and pickled radish (daikon). When we were kids we'd visit an Okazu Ya on Front Street owned by my classmate's family the Yamada's. Karl my classmate would take orders for field trips and we'd all get delicious Japanese box lunches or bentos, the school busses were filled with the aroma of rice, nori, tempura, teriyaki. Okazu means side dish, Ya means shop, so when ordering, a customer would tell the clerk by pointing to the food in a warmer, "I'd like one piece of teri beef, 2 pieces of rice balls, 1 piece of shrimp tempura."

Here are some pics of tempura from Google Images ™

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Friday, June 20, 2014


Here we go folks, for those of you who are searching for good local food, and this place is in Honolulu, question you may ask me, "Did you eat here yet?" The answer is nope, not yet, though I have a few of my foodie friends that frequent this place called Side Street Inn, and word is that a lot of top Honolulu chefs eat there so the food must be good. 

I Googled and Yelped it and found lots and lots of awesome comments. 

"I forgot who highly recommended this place to me but to whoever that was: thank you for telling me about Side Street Inn!"

"Likikoi baby back ribs cute presentation. Ribs were tender but I didn't really get the lilikoi flavoring in the sauce, but it was good."

"Nothing fancy about the interior, just friendly service and great food. We spent around $54., but that was enough for dinner plus lunch, so do the math there."

"Don't let the exterior fool you! Great food!! Rice is amazing and so are the pork chops! I would recommend them highly! It's super unattractive on the outside but food is well worth it. OMG and the sauce on the ribs…Lawd bay bay Jesus! Dip your pork chops in those."

Pictures are from Google ImagesTM and I am not profiting from these, simply giving them exposure.

Side Street Inn
1225 Hopaka St.
Honolulu, HI 96814

So if any of you will sample Side Street Inn, the one near Ala Moana Shopping Center, email me and let me know how it turned out.

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