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Friday, May 12, 2017


Last week we took a trek to baseball Mecca west coast, that's right my friends Los Angeles, California. My buddies turned me on to this trip, and was well worth the stupid flight from Maui to L.A., really worth it. The whole trip lasted 2 whole days haha. 

Don't want to bore anyone reading this so I'll cut to the chase. Our buddy Mikey lives in Los Angeles, and has a friend that knows one of the owners of Philippe, the French Dip sandwich dive that was in operation since 1908. However I understand that there's another restaurant that claims the same thing, a place called Cole's. But that's for another day, this blog is about being a Dodger fan, and what you gotta do before you hit that beautiful stadium in Chavez Ravine. "We gotta go get some French Dip sandwiches at Philippe's." That's my buddy Ron Buzzy talking. "This place is epic man!" OK Ron, let's do this.

From our Ritz Carlton hotel down the street at 900 Olympic Boulevard, we head north towards China Town and check out Philippe the Original, 1001 N Alameda St. When we get there the place was already buzzing with Dodger fans all decked out in blue t-shirts, or jerseys of their favorite player from days gone by, to today. I wore my grey #22 Kershaw jersey, Mikey wore his #42 Jackie Robinson, Ron Buzzy wore a Dodger's golf shirt, everyone had an LA cap on, c'mon man!

We sampled the Lamb French dip, as well as the Beef French dip, complete with slaw, and potato salad, and that bottle of hot mustard, iconic. So the story goes, long time ago, some cop came into the shop for a sandwich, and the chef making it accidentally dropped the sandwich in some ju, well, the cop was angry but he ate it anyway, and guess what? He loved it, hence the French Dip was born. Well so they say, because another place in L.A. claims they invented the French Dip, a place called Cole's. Don't know that, and remember I am not a historian, I just have fun and tell you foodies what I did.

I did not have time to interview anyone, the place was busy crazy! All I have to say is the food was great, thanks to Mikey setting us up, and Salvador the manager on duty took good care of us, and the beers are less expensive at Philippe the Original. Expect to pay $15.00 for a mug of brew at the Ravine.

I loved both the Lamb an Beef French dips, the ju was delicious, I just soaked the sandwich in it, trying to replicate that cop's sandwich from years gone by. It was an old school feel which I totally dig to the max!

Buzzy & Kohl having fun
Potato Salad, Slaw, Pickles and Pickled Eggs
Mikey's hands ready to maul 
Meat piled on right!
Oh Yeah!
Manager on duty Salvador on left
Helpful crew member clowning around
Friendly crew members always smiling!
Time for the game!
Yee Ha! Vin Scully Avenue baby!
All smiles man! Bring on the Giants!
Historic Dodger Stadium opened about 4 years before I was born
Epic the Southern California evening
A view from our seats RF Baseline Club 38-3
We gave Hunter Pence shit all night haha!
Doyer Dog, all night long man! Cool!
The night went into extra innings, the Giants won on Vin's night
But that's ok, we all had a great time!

So my thoughts on this trip? Epic, totally awesome because of great buddies, a super first class hotel experience at the Ritz Carlton down the road, the delicious (Ono), French dips at Philippe the Original, man life can't get better than this right? I love food, I love baseball, man I wanna get a job at Philippe's and work at Dodger Stadium too, now that would be freekin heaven!

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