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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Learning to put better foods into your body can be sometimes rough when we have bad eating habbits, going to fast food restaurants and eating greasy foods that can bog you down and very sweet sodas and juices that can cause diabetes. Starting slow, and taking small steps in getting better foods into your body is easier than trying to get all of it all in one time, take it slow and the next thing you know, you'll be eating better and healthier.

Replace cheese burgers with just regular hamburgers without any cheese and dressings, and if you can use a whole grain bun or no bun at all, but eat lots of greens.

Replace salty french fries with steamed vegetables like cauliflower or broccoli, or steamed potatoes.

Replace sugary sodas with water flavored with a squeeze of lemon or lime, or an orange.

Taking small steps in eating healthier will work, it has for many people, also limit your foods, instead of eating a 12oz. steak, eat half of it, and share the other half with someone.

Eat one scoop of ice cream instead of two.

Eat half a candy bar instead of the whole thing.

Also thinking of others less fortunate can make you stop overeating. That extra five dollars you'd spend on a meal can go to a hunger cause in your community once a month, or stashed away for a gift for someone's special occasion. By undereating you will also save money. But don't starve yourself use comnon sense.

If you love mayonnaise on your sandwiches, try using just mustard, or olive oil, or a vegan sandwich spread that has zero saturated fats, and zero cholesterol. It's as simple as changing your mind, your attitude, think like a champion, and what a champion needs to work on to become a champion, he or she has to sacrifice a lot to get to that very pinnacle of their greatness, it takes not some work, but a lot of work.