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Friday, June 11, 2010


Today was a nice day out in Maalaea, Alan Arakawa, his wife and I ventured into the Aloha Deli on the top level of the Harbor Shops next to the Ocean Center. Owners Howard and Steve Canastra are a father and son team that serve up world famous Nathan's Hot Dogs. We sampled some great creations, Alan chowed down on the Chili Dog, 1/4 pound dog with chili dripping off of his chin and on to his aloha shirt, it was topped with cheese, his wife had the Chicago Dog, Howard ate his famous Wasabi Dog, and yours truly mauled the Hawaiian Dog. Steve also made a couple of awesome all fruit smoothies, their two employees jammed the counter with hungry ocean lovers licking their chops for a hot dog.

Howard and Steve Canastra and their Aloha Deli have been open about 5 years now, it is a mom and pop in the new age. Or son and pop. They serve breakfast all day, they have fresh coffee, sodas, internet service, and wraps, and pastries. For a small operation, it is done right, and what I love about Aloha Deli, is they both Howard and Steve pour their hearts out into their business, and you can feel it. I hope that they stay around forever, they are two of the friendliest dudes this side of the Grand Canyon.

It was a fun day for sure, I got a chance to film Howard conversing with mayor candidate Alan Arakawa, and for a small business going through tough economic times, the conversations were real and to the point, and of course the hot dogs rocked!

In the picture above from left to right (me ron), Steve Canastra, Howard Canastra, and Alan Arakawa.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


No matter what anyone says about the food at Aloha Mixed Plate, they must be doing something right, for years they have been one of the most successful plate lunch establishments in the world. Right on the ocean front in Mala, Lahaiana, Maui, on the site of an old pineapple plantation camp and across from the Lahaina Cannery Mall, this dig is a true success, the owners own the Old Lahaina Luau, and the new Star Noodles.

The picture here is from the Lahaina Cannery side.



Hungry for a burger and a beer? If you are in Lahaina, and love rock and roll, stop by the Hard Rock Cafe for that burger and beer, and watch the multiple televisions that's hanging over the bar, watch a music video while you eat.

Photo to the right is the Hard Rock Lahaina from Papalaua Street, the ocean and awesome sunsets would be seen straight ahead.HARD ROCK CAFE


Getting ready to do a new project, and the right attire was in store, I stopped by Maui Direct Embroidery also a supplier of CHEF GEAR, makers of some awesome professional kitchen apparel. For 31.00 got myself a cool short sleeve chefs jacket in black with name embroidered over the chest.

Phone: 661-0194 Roy Wemyss Owner, right behind Kobe Steak House on Dickenson and Luakini Streets.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Tradewinds Market & Deli located at the Maalaea harbor is a real treat, it is definitely a throw back to the old mom and pop days, where you can find friendly locals and visitors buying sandwiches, sodas, ice cream, chips, sundries, ice cold beer, and favorite liquors.

Growing up in Lahaina, I can still remember going to the Yamamoto Store for hamburgers and shaved ice, and Sunset Freeze, before Burger King, it was Sunset Freeze. Whenever  I'm in Maalaea, or on the way to Kihei, stopping be Tradewinds is a treat indeed, sure, you can get all the stuff they sell at the ABC Store, or the Whaler's General, but this is a true local kind of place, you don't go in to buy a six pack of beer, you go in because it is small, and friendly, and you know that the dollar you spend stays here. The sandwiches are freshly made, kids that go fishing off the docks stop by for treats, hungry fishermen stop by for the beer and pupus, this my friends, is a real mom and pop kind of place. One day I walked through the shopping area of the Ocean Center which is next to the harbor, I was debating, "Should I get an Itoen Cappucino from Whaler's General, or Tradewinds?" My mind was made up, I walked across the street and headed a few yards to Tradewinds and got myself 2 Itoen Cappucinos, and 1 Melon Melona which was cold and perfect because June is here, and the heat is on. Sometimes I sit and watch as the customers go into Tradewinds, they are all relaxed, calm, men and boys in t-shirts, shorts, and slippahz. Women and girls in their casuals with designer shades on, suntanned and shiny, looking for something cool to eat and drink. Tradewinds Market and Deli is so local, and family oriented, the cashier can be seen watching her favorite t.v. show on a small monitor, on this day, I shared the last seconds of game 2 of the NHL Finals, of course won by the Flyers over the Blackhawks. Can't get any better than this- Tradewinds is one of my favorite mom and pops, even if it's not a mom and pop by someone else's standards, it does have that feel.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The N.B.A. Finals are here, Lakers Vs. Celtics, if you need some sports bar food done in your home, for any sports on t.v. occasion, contact me.

Buffalo Wings, Won Tons, Steaks, Jumbo Dogs, Killer Burgers, Potato Wedges, Noodles, Sandwiches.



It's a popular cuisine, Filipino foods are gaining popularity in lots of metro locales around the country, Vietnamese, Thai and Indian foods are popular too. A watered down version of Filipino foods with less fish sauce (Patis) and easy on spices can make eating this type of food easy to digest.

Dinuguan in picture

Call for a dinner at home, some of the popular Filipino dishes:

Pinacbet: Slow cooked pork, with ginger and garlic, tomatoes, eggplants, onions, fresh green beans, and other greens, and of course the fish sauce is utilized, this is when you really need to air out your house and spray some Lysol, but if you are familiar with this dish, you know it's actually very tasty, I've seen friends that cringed when they got a whiff of this, but once they took time to get familiar with this dish or any Filipino dish, they started to buy it regularly for lunch or dinner.

Lumpia: Deep fried egg rolls, crispy rolls with variety of fillings, pork, chicken, bananas, and dipped in a vinegar based sauce or fish sauce.

Dinuguan: Hogs Blood stew, that's right, real pig's blood is used for this slow pork braised dish, hints of chives, bay leaves, vinegar, garlic, ginger.

Lechon: Roasted pork.

Chicharones: Deep fried pork bellies, crispy and sliced thick with a fish sauce dip or vinegar dip

Pansit: A Filipino type of noodle dish, like a chow mein from the Chinese, with hints of garlic, chives, annato seeds. Pork, beef, chicken can be used or tofu for a vegan pansit.

Halo Halo: a dessert made with lots of fruit and chilled with ice cream or cream, hints of coconuts, and pineapples.

Contact me for a meal at your place


Tuesday, June 1, 2010


If you want a southwestern dinner for 2 or more up to 12 at your home, I can do that, contact me  And if you need a low sodium southwestern meal, or one low in sugar or gluten I can work it out. We'll go over a specially made menu just for you, gather the right recipes and make sure everything suits everyone's tates.

Pork/Beef/Chicken/Fish/Salads/Soups/Desserts/Mixed Drinks

Southwestern in your home where you will be already relaxed, no burden of driving or parking, or making your way through crowds. Southwestern in your home sounds good



Amigo's Authentic Mexican Food 3, 658 Front St. #145A, Lahaina, Hawaii 96761 Located middle level of The Wharf Cinema Center

TAKE OUT call 808-661-0210 Fax: 661-0214
Open daily from 9am to 930pm. Kamaaina with ID available.

All of their lunch plates is served with rice and beans.

Soft tacos range from 7.99 to 9.75, served with onions, cilantro, or lettuce and cheese. Chicken, ground beef, carnitas, or al pastor. Carne asada, shredded beef, or lengua. Fish or shrimp.  What is carnitas? Carnitas is little meats, braised or slow roasted, beef or pork. What is al pastor? In Mexico pork is marinated in a secret recipe and cooked in a rotisserie with a pineapple on top, and is made into small tacos about 2 bites and garnished with chopped onion, cilantro and pineapple. What is Carne asada? It is grilled and thinly sliced beef that was marinated in a special marinade. What is lengua? It is tongue from beef/cow and is boiled, and is found in many food places in Mexico.

They have it all, Enchilladas; Quesadilla plates; Flautas (or taquitos) made from a flour typre of wrap, and rolled instead of folded in half like a taco. Chimichanga; Torta (Mexican sandwich); Tostada plate; Burritos of all varieties like their tacos; Chile relleno (one pasilla pepper mild stuffed with mozzarella cheese dipped in egg batter. Covered with ranchera sauce. Served with pico de gallo and guacamole. (Pico de gallo) is usually made of chopped raw onions, tomatoes, cilantro, garlic, and jalapenos.

And many more on their menu, stop by for their happy hour that runs from 3pm to 6 pm

AMIGO'S SPECIALS ARE REASONABLE, making this dig a very good choice for good Mexican food that's cooked up fresh. Other locations in Kihei and Kahului.

For some Mexican in your home, contact me, Ron  email: