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Sunday, August 18, 2013


I actually don't want to write about beef right now, but a buddy of mine who wants to do some killer stuff with good beef asked me what kind of cut he should get to impress his girl. So the first cut I thought of was the Filet Mignon (Fil ay min yon) comes from the end of the tenderloin that is the most tender of the meats. Most cattle produce like 5 pounds of it only, so if demand is up, prices rise. 

How do you cook it? Okay, I won't go into any culinary jargon, I'll keep things in simple speak easy. The best way to buy these, is to go to your butcher and have him sell you the round disk looking steaks labeled "filet mignon" and it is usually about 1 1/2 inches thick or so. I've seen one that was like 3". Oh well, whatever, those are the good ones.

So for 2 lovers, go buy two of those steaks, about 6 oz to 8 oz each, maybe smaller? Make sure you cooks some good starches like potatoes, fried rice, and have a salad and a few appetizers.

Okay these are the stuff you'll need to cook em.

2 filet mignons steaks (rounded)
1 tbsp kosher salt
white pepper to sprinkle
vegetable oil to put in pan
1 cup of red wine
1 tbsp. of cold butter

1. Preheat your oven to 450 deg. f
2. Preheat a stainless steel skillet over high heat with a little vegetable oil.
3. Sprinkle some salt and pepper over both steaks, when oil is smoky, place the steaks inside the pan, and let it sear causing  a good brown. Do not mess with it, let it sit turn heat down to medium high, and sear for about 1 1/2 minutes, then flip it.
4. Place pan into the oven for 7 minutes.
5. Remove pan, carefully. Rest steaks on separate plates. Return pan to stove top over medium high heat. Add in the wine, scraping the bottom of pan, reduce to about half a cup, remove from heat, stir in butter and whisk.
6. Spoon some sauce over both steaks evenly, plate with favorite starches.

* Make sure your pan is all stainless steel including the handles
* Prepare your appetizers, starches, salads first, you don't want to cook the steaks first and do the other stuff later, your steak will get cold and suck.

This is just a basic how to. Watch the Food Network, Youtube has many videos with different ideas. Good luck, now leave me be!!!!! Thank You. :)))

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Saturday, August 17, 2013


On a recent personal chef gig, I was hired to cook for one person. The dish? Stir Fried Chicken with Veggies. It was an easy gig, and what I am experiencing is that not only do the rich and beyond wealthy hire personal chefs or cooks, but even every day hard working folks. One dish only? That's what I was hired to do.

8 oz. of chicken breast, bone and skin removed
Garlic and ginger, lots of it
Semi hot green peppers
oil for stir frying
Sesame oil
Soy sauce
Bok Choy Cabbage
Salt & Pepper
Served with rice.

© Chef Sambrano
"Cooking for people simple foods out of a wok is right up my alley. Sharing thoughts on life as I cook for my clients is the best part of my job. I love that part, more than any job I've had. It allows me to enter other people's worlds." Ron 



Sitting at No. 1 BBQ in Lahaina, Maui, which by the way is more of a Korean BBQ joint or an Asian plate joint, I met a couple from Birmingham, Alabama. And we began to talk about Maui, and where to go and all that stuff as usual.

I finally asked them, "If I ever get to Birmingham, what should I eat there?"

"Hands down Dreamland BBQ," says the husband. "Man they have awesome ribs, you'll love that if you love meat."

"Yes sir, in fact I don't eat anything non-animal."

"Dreamland is great, you got to go there," confirms the wife.

Alright, to the internet I go, but first before I start to Yelp and Google, I gotta call them up and really, really see if these guys are still in biz, you know? I do, and of course they are in biz. "Hey come on in, we're located on 14th Avenue South," says a perky woman on the other end. Only thing, I'm on Maui, and unless I fly over there today no dice.

But as I Yelp and Google them, yes they must be good, they have 5 locations in Alabama, and 1 in Georgia. Must be good, and being down in the south eastern conference, ribs must be good, after all southerners know them some ribs, like how Hawaiians know poi.

So my friends from Alabama told me more about this place, the guy said he likes the Pork Quesadillas, the Half Slab, the Big Daddy Pork sandwich, the Baked Beans, Potato Salad, and the Banana Pudding.

Man, he likes a lot of stuff there. So I wrote down what he ate there, and I'll go look up the prices.

Pork Quesadillas $7.95
Half Slab Pork Ribs $10.45
"Big Daddy" 1/2 lb. Pork Sandwich $7.45
Baked Beans single $1.45
Potato Salad single $1.45
Banana Pudding single $2.00

Fact: The founder John "Big Daddy" Bishop opened the first Dreamland Cafe in Tuscaloosa the same year the Paul "Bear" Bryant started as head coach for the University of Alabama Crimson Tide football program. Big Daddy, had to choose either opening a mortuary or a cafe, he prayed to God, and guess what, God told him to open a cafe and the rest is BBQ history.

In the beginning, Big Daddy and wife Lily sold sandwiches and postage stamps.

If I go there, I'm getting me exactly what our friend from Birmingham said he eats, I mean those prices are pretty good, I mean on Maui, those prices would be slightly higher, we ship a lot of food in, and the cost of transportation kills!
Rib Maniac!

Sauced faced kid

Dreamland cook

Now this cook looks like he knows what he's doing in the kitchen, that's a look of a man that is serious about ribs. And by just looking at the man, I dare not ask him, "Hey bro is this place any good?" I'd hate to have him give me whack upside my head, I dare not piss him off my friends, ooooo no sir, I will not mess with him, no sir!

So go ahead and click on the link to Dreamland BBQ, and have a look yourselves, it's nice to meet folks from all over the world here on Maui, Hawaii. And one of these days, I will make it to Alabama, hopefully during the football season, and try to watch a Crimson Tide game, leaving my Hawaii Warriors cap at home of course.

Bama Fans
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Here I am in Lahaina, Maui- talking to visitors here on an August warm or hot depending on your tolerance to heat, summer's day. And I run into a family from South Dakota. Wow! "Why are you guys here?" dumb question.

"We're here on the last leg of the kids' summer vacation," says the elder woman as she rubs the heads of her two little boys."

"Where are you from?"
"We're from Brookings, South Dakota," said the elder man, also rubbing the heads of his to young boys. Rubbing head, is this a South Dakota thing?

So of course I'm a foodie, and I did my usual getting to know what they were doing already on Maui, like what excursions they did, where they stayed etc., but I cut to the chase after I told them where I eat on Maui, which is home. I'm too poor to afford some restaurant food right now, I do have some lawsuits against some major corporations, I figure at the end of the year I should be awarded $10,000,000,000,000,000.00. Vegas Baby!

This is where they said to go, and it's another burger joint- what? Is everyone I talk to into burgers? I don't care, I love me some burgers all of the time anyhow.

Man: (Excited) Go to Nick's Hamburger Shop! They got these great hamburgers, just tasty, and you can't eat just one, they make em kind of small, so I bet you could eat more.

Me: (Thinking) Hmm, you calling me a pig?
Me: (Talking) No kidding Nick's huh?
Wife: Yeah, the boys love em, it's real simple kind of like In N Out Burgers, small menu but very good, the kind of place where you can smell the burger in the air.
Me: Hmm, thanks guys.

Okay- as usual, I make a call to this place on my T Mobile phone, a lady answers and I ask her what time they close, she tells me 4pm, great, it does exist. So I go on Google and Yelp to see what people have to say besides this family that loves to rub heads from Brookings, South Dakota.

Okay I look at Yelp, and yeah people love em, but... where's all the pictures? I need to rip off some photos guys. Not much but here's what I found.

The building looks like this
I like the looks, old school, almost south westernish, and cowboy sort of. It looks like a mom and pop doesn't it? 

I can just imagine a gang of Harley riders going in here, "Let's git some burgers!" And as they enter the shop, the cops are there trying to rid the riders out of Dodge.

Okay I get it, it does look like little burgers, but simple is always delicious. I'm just looking at those 4 burgers and I know I can eat em all! But, no french fries? What? Are you kidding me!

Now, now Nick's, listen here...and I may not be a restaurant owner, but let me say one thing, "Are you guys nuts? Hamburgers you claim to be great but no fries? C'mon man! Just buy some Ore'Ida's or something, if you don't wanna cut your own potatoes, buy them frozen ones man!

Aw, now I don't know if I want to go to Nick's if I ever visit fries? It's like going to Foot Locker and buy a pair of Jordan's and want to buy socks and the guy in stripes says, "Sorry but we got ah...some towels."

Okay, never mind that, I'd go there I was just kidding, maybe if there's a Mc Donald's close by, we'll drive through there and then get our burgers from Nick's. Let's look at the menu.


Double Hamburger
Double Cheeseburger

Burger Toppings:


Homemade Pie

White or Chocolate Milk
Diet Coke
Mello Yello
Mr. Pibb
Ice Tea


* They do take credit cards...since they don't serve fries (just kidding).

Nick's Hamburger Shop
427 Main Ave
Brookings, SD 57006-1935

Monday-Friday 11am-7pm
Saturdays- 11am-4pm
Sundays- Not there went fishing or something.

Visit there website for more info, my hands are tired of typing!!!!! Oh yeah they're on Facebook too.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


All us cooks need a refresher course on cooking especially if we do not put into practice a certain method or technique constantly. Okay, honestly I do not roast a lot of turkey, maybe during Thanksgiving at a friends' house. Everyone has his or her own method or theory, and all of them may work well for them. Here are some tips from some very good home cooks.

1. Know how many people you will feed, take about 6 oz. per serving and extras in case more people show up. Here's how to calculate this. Let's say you have about 15 people showing up, and there will be more than turkey being served. And in Hawaii believe me, you invite other friends, more friends will show up, sometimes with more entrees from ham, beef, appetizers, desserts you name it, so just go with 6 oz. for 15 for now. So you'll multiply 15 times 6 oz. and you'll get 90 oz. Now divide that by 16 oz. because there are 16 oz. to a pound and this is what we get- 5.6 lbs. of bird. Now that's a small bird, and I don't think you'll find one that small. So find one about double that size, 10 to 12 pounders will do.

2. You will buy this more than likely frozen, so make sure you take about 2 days to thaw it out in a cooler lined with ice. And before you roast it, keep it a room temperature for about 30 minutes, a very cold turkey will not cook well.

3. Make your stuffing on the stovetop this will prevent food poisoning, though some chefs will stuff a bird. I'll show you another method to make stuffing with the drippings from the bird.

4. Season the bird inside and outside and under the skin with kosher salt, and pepper, and garlic cloves, and rub real unsalted butter all over and under the skin.

5. Place the bird in a deep roasting pan (stainless steel). Set the oven to 300 degrees F, if you got a convection maybe a few degrees less.

6. To cook the turkey just right, I have found that you'll use the 18 pounds per hour method, but only as a guide for every oven operates differently, and what you want is to have a juicy tender on the inside turkey. The inside temperature should be about 160 deg. F. So if you watch it roasting, once the juices start to come out of the bird and into the pan, it is cooking. Remove the bird when you see that the inside temperature is about 150 deg F. Once you remove it from the oven and let it sit outside, it will continue to cook. You will notice lots of juice from the pan. As you roast, it is sometimes a good idea to have a siphon handy and start to remove some of the juice into a saucepan and reserve it for the gravy and the stuffing. Use an instant read thermometer and stick it into the large portion of the thigh and the deep of the breast.

7. Save the juices and the bits of meat in the roasting pan, remove the juices. Put some flour into the pan, and place on the stovetop, and over medium heat, cook the flour with a little oil or fat, brown it. Then add in some water and the juice from the turkey and make your gravy. Add more liquid to make it thinner, use a whisk for this.

8. To make your stuffing, get a loaf of bread, and cut them up into pieces, get some onions, and celery and chop it up small. In a large braising pan that is about 4 inches deep, and some oil, and cook the bread and veggies, slowly add some turkey dripping for flavor, and cook it until it is steamy soft, season with salt and pepper. You can add other stuff to the stuffing too, like sausages and other types of meat.

Good Luck as Thanksgiving is a few months away, this is just a brain primer for you.
This is a good looking finished turkey from Mc Cormick ®

So again, you have a few months before that big day of gobble gobble, football games, friends and family, kids runnin around and lots of blessed foods.



Let's take a look at what a sausage is. It is usually bits and pieces of an animal, beef, pork, chicken, and it is seasoned and placed in a meat grinder and made into a patty or stuck in some casing and used for breakfast or whatever, it is poached in a liquid, sometimes beer or wine and herbs. But the gourmands in this world eat this thing called Pate and it is like liver, and minced up meat, so in essence same thing.

Hence Spam TM. That canned filled with a solid rectangular block of meat. It is just a canned sausage. And Hawaii's peeps been consuming this for ages, and now, some fine dining aficionados are taking a bite into Spam.

"I couldn't believe that Spam could be a pretty good filling for an omelet," David, a so-called wine and cheese snob from Connecticut.

Spam can be good with cabbage and some tomatoes, and because it is already high in sodium if you add water to the pan, it will come out less salty. Or chop up Spam and put it in a bowl of fresh ramen, or saimin, or even in a wok with chow mein noodles.
Spam Musubi, Hawaii's energy bar, a seasoned piece of Spam sit atop a few ounces of white medium grain cooked rice with a nori wrap.
Spam heating up in a pan, it is so uniformed that all you need to do is slice them length wise and you'll have a few Spam steaks, fry them to your liking, I like them crisp on the outside, fry them like this and place two eggs cooked any style on a plate with some toast and hot coffee for a breakfast.
Or you can get some pastry dough and wrap it and make a Spam in a Blanket
Or make a Spam bake in a casserole dish, great for a family, it's like a no brainer meal, just throw it all together and who cares about presentation, just eat!
For the gourmands, a fancy presentation of Spam with a drizzle of some kind.

All of these pictures are copyrighted from SPAM TM

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Here I am on Maui Island, and recently I'm doing this thing with our tourists here is I'm asking them, "Hey guys where are your from, and where is a great place to eat if I go there?" I met a couple from Portland Oregon. As usual, they were kind of skeptical of me, I mean I wore a t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops, I used deodorant and combed what's left of my hair, I just turned 49 man, so yeah I'm looking more and more like an old guy.

So I says, "Tell me where I should go if I go to Portland to eat a good sandwich or anything?"

The man also in his forties says, "Oh you like burgers?"
"Yeah I love it, in fact when I was a kid all I ever ate was burgers."
"Alright, there's a small chain it is called Killer Burgers."
"Okay, does Charles Manson have a stake in it or Ted Bundy?"
After a few giggles I'm safe to talk to even more. The man continues, "Yeah they have a few burgers, all tasty stuff, you can get bacon, cheese, their Smokey House Sauce, grilled onions, fried eggs, ham, anything."

However the lady was like, "I don't know how he eats that ______t, it is good burgers though, but he over eats when we go there, he'll add extra burgers, and order take out to go with us, that's too much."

"So," I say, "Killer Burgers, I need to Google it."
"Yeah go ahead and Yelp it too, man those guys are great."

Okay folks, now it's time to sit at the MacBookPro and google these guys. Okay I'm on it, I just went on their webpage, very professional. In fact I'll rip off a pic right now, check this burger out!
Hmm, looks delicious or "ono" and I'd whack that anytime man. Fries and a soft drink would be nuts.

Okay so let's get down to their menu.

Every Killer Burger is 1/3 pound 100% Beef & Includes Bacon French Fries.

- Peanut Butter Pickle Bacon Sweet & Savory Bacon, Smokey House Sauce, Mayo, Grilled onion, & Pickle $7.95 *This price is pretty good, if this was Maui, it'll be like 10.99 to 13.99.
- Jose Mendoza Roasted Green Chilies & Jack Cheese, Bacon, Smokey House Sauce, Grilled Onion & Pickle $8.95
- Teemah Melted Bleu Cheese, Bacon, Smokey House Sauce, Grilled Onion, & Pickle $8.95
- Fun Guy Mushroom & Melted Swiss, Bacon, Smokey House Sauce, Grilled Onion, & Pickle $8.45 *Now I don't know why this is called Fun Guy, now if they used magic shroomz, I truly believe that this would be a Fun Guy Burger.
- Roll Your Own Your Own Way (Add $1.00 for ham or egg) $7.95 
- Classic Bacon, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Smokey House Sauce, Grilled Onion, & Pickle $9.95
- Old School Mayo, Mustard, Raw Onion, Cheddar, Bacon $7.95
- "Go Metro" Sub a Garden Patty on any of the burgers (add bacon)$1.00
- "Girlie" Any size burger basket (1/2 the size) add $1.00 for ham or egg $5.95

So this is what I've concluded from just talking to our friends from Portland that mentioned Killer Burger and looking at the website, is this, they have tasty juicy burgers and they are very popular.

Now I haven't been to this place yet, maybe one day we will and eat there. I think they are clean and professional because just looking at their website you know they want to succeed, I mean they are marketing it online. Go have a look

They have 5 locations in Portland.

Hollywood Ph: 971-544-7521
Downtown PDX: 503-946-8946
Bingen: 509-637-2510
Sellwood: 503-841-5906
Vancouver: 360-836-5274

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Thursday, August 8, 2013


Recently I checked online and was saddened that here in the United States 1 in 5 children go starving, meaning they don't eat. What's the most important thing each human being should have? Food. Without food no one can survive. Sure you can have a house and a roof over your head, but if you don't have sufficient food and clean water to drink, it doesn't matter if you have a roof.

So what can we do to help others who are starving? Even people that have jobs have a difficult time providing food for their children. I've talked to many people here on Maui, and it is a very serious issue when kids starve. Imagine kids not eating because their parents are struggling to make ends meet. Some kids can't even afford a Dollar hamburger at Mc Donald's. Though Mc Donald's isn't the most nutritious of places to eat, tell that to a starving child.

Right now- we are in development of starting a company that will provide information on food, it will be producers of videos dealing with food, from how to prepare foods, to cooking shows with entertainment and education. Our company will be called Hui Ho ‘omo‘a meaning in Hawaii Together we Cook.

My long range vision is for this company to be around even when I am gone from this earth, creating information on food, as well as partnering with investors to create eateries that will put people to work, and serve awesome foods in a variety of styles.
And my goal is to help the starving children in America and around the world.

It is a huge goal, after all I've never ran any business before, but with the right team, I hope we can accomplish greater things in this lifetime, to change lives, to enhance lives, to care about what is going on around us.

If you are an investor, or a business person that wants to create goodness for the future, do not hesitate to contact us in the future. We are looking to connect with well educated individuals and groups in business, that can make things happen. 

No child should be starving.

Ron Sambrano
Hui Ho ‘omo‘a

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Who eats cat? People from Korea and China as well as Aborigines from Australia do. Is cat any good? Don't ask me I haven't had the pleasure yet to eat a plate of stir fried kitty. But I bet if you're Chinese and you're hungry cat is a great meal. Maybe Cat Chow Mein?

Yeah this dude is all smiles, "Hey Sylvester you're dead!" Kinda weird to us westerners, but hey look at all them dead kitty in the background.

Here's the cat market, not the fish market, but the cat market. "Can I have two pounds of the orange tabby?"

Cat Stew anyone? Great with Fried Rice with Doggy chunks.

Just make sure the cats are rid of all the hair and fur, that's all I ask of the chef, that's all. And please go heavy on the soy sauce "meow"...
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Friday, August 2, 2013


Hui Ho ‘O Mo‘a LLC The Production Company based out of Maui. "This company will promote food to its ultimate level utilizing video and the internet and Social Media." says Wilmont Kahaialii, acting Chairperson & Coordinator. "We want to promote chefs from Hawaii, and all over the world."

"We are on the ground floor, and if my wife sees a wider vision than myself with this  project, it is something," continues Kahaialii. "We at this time have two or three key individuals, one is Sascha Bauml who I've known for many years, his media talents are just pure awesome, we are going to go places with this."

Sascha Bauml

Sascha Bauml has been in the media (video) business for many years, his resume runs deep, from running video cameras and editing parts for Xterra, as well as many national television shows, one gig took him to Washington D.C. to assist in filming a concert at the Kennedy Center. Bauml owns his own company Maui Pro Media that is also based out of Maui.

"What brought me to this team was Wilmont Kahaialii, Ron Sambrano, and Danny Agdeppa, it was meeting Ron that made this all possible. When Wilmont invited me for the first meeting to set up shop and let me share my ideas on how to take a simple video concept to a worldwide audience I was all for it," says Bauml. "I've worked with Ron on a few side projects but nothing got off the ground due to the lack of financial support, however with Wilmont leading the way, both Ron and I feel we got a shot to create some awesome videos, and this team will continue to grow."

Ron Sambrano
"Our first meeting was with Danny and Wilmont, however because this now becomes a business that has very huge potential, the direction has changed. Wilmont consulted with Sascha who is a very professional videographer that needs support to make things happen. The things I've learned in this short period is if we want to go to that level of success, we do need to branch out," says Ron.

"Danny Agdeppa and I had a great run with a cooking show called Lick em UP! And that can continue to go to another level, but now this is a full company that is going to many different parts of the globe, it will, I can feel it. In business you need to look at all of the angles, and what is going on in the world, and if you aren't able to change and adapt, you won't succeed."

"I had to rehash some of Ron's ideas, because I could see it was just stagnant, what he and Danny did was very admirable, but I don't think it's the direction Hui Ho ‘O Mo ‘a is going. What they did was cable access stuff," continues Kahaialii. "To get to that other level Ron has to surround himself with professionals, and this is the canoe that will go to different ports, it will promote Hawaii, the people, it will travel to other countries, Ron has a connection in Liverpool, England we will go there for sure."

"This isn't about me, now it becomes a business and more people to be added to the team, in order to go to that next level, we need to go in another direction. Lick em UP! was me and Danny on Akaku TV, it was an uncut cooking show, we did some unreal stuff, had lots of fun, working with Danny was great, and we will continue to work together in the future..our new thing is called Kau Kau Bros. that will feature me and Sascha going out to restaurants and eat, it will also feature chefs at those restaurants, and more that I can't disclose right now for obvious reasons, but this canoe will sail to different lands for sure, I can't wait to get going, and there are many more productions on the back burners, my goal and our goal is to make Hui Ho ‘O Mo ‘a Productions the bar setter in food videos. And in 5 to 10 years maybe a multi-million or billion or gazillion dollar business," says Ron.

The resumes for the three men run deep, Wilmont Kahaialii is brother to Willie K. international musician fame, and also a musician entertainer, and businessman, he is also a spokesperson for many who's voices aren't heard. "I teach people that they have a voice, that you must speak up for yourselves, I help locals who are having issues with the law, I get calls on occasion to help people with discrepancies involving land issues," says Kahaialii. "I also get a high on helping get businesses off the ground like what Ron is doing and Sascha, once they get their team in place, I'll sit back on the board and be an advisor because I know these guys can do the job."

Hui Ho O‘ Mo ‘a is getting ready to sail, and the content will be content that is missing on the tube, the modern day tube that is, stay tuned for some awesome food videos that will be both educational and entertaining.

Danny Agdeppa
Brian Kohne (Get A Job creator) L, and Danny Agdeppa R, Danny Agdeppa was Ron Sambrano's sidekick for 8 years on the Ron Sambrano Kitchen and Lick em UP! one of the most popular shows on Akaku TV Maui. Agdeppa spoke behind the camera as Ron cooked.

"Danny is a part of Hui Ho ‘O Mo ‘a, he's going to be a part of Kau Kau Bros. because Kau Kau Bros will be bringing together lots of people, the more people the better," says Ron.

"Danny and Ron had a reality show before most knew what that was, I believe this can go to greater heights, for certain," says a Danny Agdeppa fan. "Danny was Lick em UP! if it wasn't for is sidekick comments, Sambrano would be standing by himself, Danny made Ron, and Ron made Danny, I think Wilmont's vision is the right vision, I think now Danny and Ron will get their due, it takes others to make things happen."

Copyright 2013 ® Hui Ho ‘O Mo ‘a Productions

Thursday, August 1, 2013


EGG MC MUFFIN MEAL? That's right the Egg Mc Muffin meal at Mc Donald's is the bomb! Why? Because it's affordable, it comes with an egg sandwiched in between toasted English muffins, hash browns, and coffee that is juiced up with what ever you want in it, two sugars one cream? Okay all you Monsanto haters, you GMO haters what ever man! But Mickey Dees is convenient, you got a hangover just drive through and get an inexpensive meal. That's right, Mc Donald's is definitely the leader in marketing this type of non nutritious foods, but what the hell? If you're hungry you'll eat it. Yeah sometimes you gotta go for an organic mellon or an organic apple to get nutrients in your system. But c'mon man! After waking up all hungry you are going to look for a apple? I'm looking for the nearest egg selling joint there is that has sausage or ham, or bacon and coffee.

Cold breakfast- sometimes your family or friends will stop by the house, "Hey Ron wake the ____ up! Let's eat, we brought you some breakfast from Mickey Dees!" You wake up you open the door, and there they are, ____ loads of stuff from Mc Donald's. Breakfast wraps, sandwiches, hash browns, coffee I mean ____ loads. So you converse as their kids are running amok in your house destroying everything in sight, your iPod? Good luck little Tommy just chucked it in your fish tank. Your folder with important documents ready to be signed by your business associates? Sorry little Lori just stuck it in the dishwasher and turned it on buh bye!

But cold leftover Mc Donald's breakfast is pretty nasty, like you're touching a well preserved dead body. Every tried it? Next time just for fun, order some extra Mc Donald's food and store it in the fridge for a day or two, and then take it out, try's ____ing nasty ____! That's why any Mc Donald product needs to be eaten before it gets to room temperature. After that there's really no sense in keeping it, even after nuking it it's kind of nasty, beyond nasty, more like mega nasty.

However Mickey Deez breakfast is okay if you don't eat it all the time, seriously their food is kind a sickening when you think about it, really. But when it's hot I can bear it, if it's cold forget it, even the fucking stray cats out the back yard look at me and to, "____ this meow!"

Copyright 2013 ®
Copyright 2013 ®