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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Erin Smith & The Throwdowns - Kihei Town

Friday, August 27, 2010


The Photo by Sascha Alexander, for the food book RON SAMBRANO FOODOLOGIST "For My Foodie Boodies"

Model Rachael Joy taking a bite out of some roasted chicken. The book hopefully will be done by the end of this Autumn and will be printed in time for the holidays or after. The concept is a food book dedicated to new foodies, hence the title For My Foodie Boodies. Foodie is a food enthusiast, boodie is my deifinition of babies or intermediates. The book will feature very simplistic recipes one can make from almost scratch, beef, chicken, seafood, pork, for a 7 day week. Easy entrees only for the beginning foodie, later they can delve into more sophisticated dishes. My idea is to create a little food bible for the new foodies, and I will write more food books later, this book coming out is great for the single person wanting to cook and eat favorite meals that they thought was way too diffficult. Hopefully all things will work out so the book with the picture above as the cover will be on your bookshelf or e-reader soon.

Special guest Chef Mark Ellman has a recipe inside as well, Barbara Cobey Mixologist trained at the Wynn Resorts also has a fasinating story of her life in the F&B biz. as well as some mixed drink concoctions for you party happy people who love toasting the night away. Hopefully there will be more chef friends that will grace the pages of the book, stay in the loop.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Maui Cooking with Candidates: Victorino

THIS IS A VIDEO SHOT BY KAT TRACY during the 2008 county council of Maui race, this is Councilmember Mike Victorino- Father of Shane Victorino of the Philadelphia Phillies, and his wife Joycelyn.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


The Ghostly remains of the old Maalaea General Store still stands... a once bustling store that sold beer and food is just an old building ready to rot and fall to the ground.

Sitting right across the Maalaea (Ma a lay a) harbor across of the Coast Guard Station, we used to by chips, fish, beers, sodas, and famous Maui Red Hot Dogs with ketchup and mustard. Those days of course is long gone. Imagine looking at the photo with cars lining up for food? Those were the good old days.


MAUI GROWN COFFEE- Lahaina- The Maui Grown Coffee Co. on Lahainaluna Road. Serves fresh grown coffee from West Maui is a nice place to drink a cup of coffee, and all of the stuff Blank Bucks sells.

The building looks like an old plantation style house, it is situated next to a shell station, only 2 miles from Kaanapali.

You will notice the Pioneer Mill's signature smokestack from miles away out of Lahaina. As of this writing August 12, 2010 it is being refurbished, as you drink your java, step outside from the little coffee shack and you'll see it up close. The old sugar mill was right there and was torn down years ago. Lahaina does have a lot of neat unique history.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


One day I awoke to a television program that was talking about life without oil, it was an interesting show, the producers dramatized the scenario of life without oil. No oil to fuel jets, airports were barren, no oil for electricity in cold countries, people were walking to southern climates to survive. Hospitals could not perform germ free surgeries because most of the material used in hospitals are petro derivatives.

This leads me to talk about foods, without fuel, farmers cannot do mass farming the way they would with fuel powered equipment. Factories that cann foods wouldn't be in operation, restaurants can't operate without the fuel they need now, if they do survive they'll do it primatively. Maybe with wood fire, and water that is gathered by men in buckets from nearby lakes and rivers.

Food couldn't be flown into cities that depend on commercial flights, and farmers can't export their goods without planes, they would have to find an alternative way of shipping. People who are in isolation, in someway like Hawaii, if there are no shipping companies in operation, there will be zero foods moved from California or other west coast ports.

It would possibly mean the end to modern day civilization, without our cars, vehicles would be stranded where ever it stops running. Millions of vehicles would be stranded, which means foods will not get to any destination that's far away from the farms growing it.

Everyone should try their best at saving energy- it's good for the family, watch your energy bills shrink.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dairy: 6 Reasons You Should Avoid It at all Costs


THE CHINA STUDY by T. Colin Campbell, PhD AND Thomas M. Campbell

This book is a very interesting read, Campbell describes the comparisons of the Chinese diet which is rich in plant based proteins, as opposed to the American diet that is rich in animal based proteins, he goes on to tell the truths about the dairy industry, and what the industry is doing to the health of most Americans.

The China Study is a National Best Seller, and retails for 16.95 and is available to be downloaded on your e-reader, this book is a must read, and consider this a Bible for health and longevity. Campbell delves in the natural healing abilities of plants as foods, and eating well to live a long life. One might call this text philisophical, but it is a very good book to have on your shelf, or on your e-reader.

As far as eating a very delicious vegetarian or vegan meal, I can producer a meal for you and a loved one, that will satisfy your taste buds. Just call me, or email me, and we can work out something where I can come to your home and do something healthy.

Contact me: Chef Ron at  or 808-385-7667

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fu Lin Chinese Retaurant Seafood

The food is average Chinese, really good for the price, the noodle dishes are great, if you are looking for good Chinese food, here is the place to come.

Located at 1312 Front Street, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii 96761. For a nice dinner across the beach, located across the Safeway supermarket ocean side. From Kaanapali, turn right at the stop light, Shell station will be on the left, turn down Kapunakea (Kah Poo Nah Kay Ah) street head down towards the ocean a block, you'll see Mala Ocean Tavern directly in front of you Fu Lin's is to the right. 808-661-7071



Located on the North end of Lahaina's Front Street, Chef/Owner Mark Ellman's Mala Ocean Tavern specializes in tapas, a very nice cozy eatery right on the ocean's edge, an awesome menu, Chef Mark and his staff does the food the right way, utilizing all of the local produce, meats, seafoods. This is a local restaurant that is Lahaina, the restaurant is in an original Baldwin Packer's building, across the street is the Lahaina Cannery Mall that is a replica of the old Pineapple Cannery, that employed most of the immigrants back in the early 1900s. Today of course, pineapple is a thing of the past, and the Cannery Mall houses restaurants and retail outlets caterting to vistors and locals of Lahaina.

Reservations are welcomed at Mala Ocean Tavern call: 808-667-9394- 1307 Front Street. Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii 96761.

Chef Sambrano's Favorites:

Ahi Burger (House Made) Fresh ground ahi, with herbs/spices, whole wheat bun, tartar sauce, romaine, tomato and frites.

Check them out,, there's a lot of great healthy meals here, I just love ahi, where ever I go, if there's ahi, I won't even try anything else, "Yeah I'm boring man, but if it is done right? That's all I care about!"