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Thursday, July 20, 2017


The blog post of the day is buying foods that's already cooked. It could be foods you buy from the hot grab and go displays at your local supermarket, or when you call in to your favorite local takeout and they got your favorite entree for you. To be quite honest with you, I kind of don't want to be in the kitchen. Seriously. Cooking fun? Yeah until it's clean up time, that shit sucks! So I figure if I spend $50.00 at the supermarket to cook dinner for four people, when you factor in the prep time, cook time, setup time, and clean up time. Shit that's too much time on my part for that money. For $50.00 or maybe a little more, me and the other three can go to some Asian barbecue and eat, and I meant eat as in don't cook before we eat, just pay the guy at the counter and get our eats

However I must admit, I'm trying to stave off gout and high blood pressure without the pills. So that requires adamant healthy eating, diets that are balanced. For my gout prevention, omitting the foods with high purines that gets into the bloodstream and that turns into uric acid. Just those two medical terms sounds fucking gross doesn't it? (Purines), sounds like an adative to put in dog food. Or (Uric Acid), shit uric? Sounds fucking cancerous! "Sir, I'm sorry, we found uric in your brain we gotta operate now! Ah what? No insurance? See ya wouldn't wanna be ya!" And then acid. Shit acid is no good, I mean all the acids that I've known isn't any good. Battery acid? OK let's get serious. Uric acid under the microscope looks like microscopic needles, and this shit gets in between the joints of your toes, ankles, even other parts of the body.

So how does one eat healthy? For the high blood pressure, no fatty foods, and less sodium. That's easy, the gout part is a little more intense. Says in the medical journals to stay away from shell fish, organ meats, some veggies like asparagus? Shit I love all that. Anyhoooo, let's take a scenario like I'm buying stuff to eat. Now for me, lean chicken meat is good, a few ounces of dark meat doesn't do me in, though the breast meat is leaner, fuck that. I like the legs. And if I'm only going to eat a few ounces, some dark meat should be alright. So I'd go to the local market, and get me a half roasted chicken. Then I'll get some brown rice, one scoop. Then make my way to the ready made salads, and get me a nice green salad with a vinaigrette dressing. And go to the fruit stand and pick up an orange or two. And get a liter of water. Boom! 

So what I'd do is shred the roasted half a chicken, remove all skin and bones, and toss it to the kitty next door and hope she doesn't choke! Not my cat. Get out a scale and weigh out about 4-5 ounces of meat, ah... mix it up dark and white meat and plate it, with the scoop of brown rice. Then I'll take the green salad, and set it aside, I'll eat all of that, more veggies the better. Then I'll take an orange and half that, and slice it into some wedges. And get some ice for my water, always drink lots of water.

Now what do I have?

1. My safe to eat protein in the roasted chicken, 4-5 ounces
2. Got my brown rice for starch, which is better than white processed rice
3. The salad is healthy, no rich mayonnaise based dressing, but a nice tangy vinaigrette
4. The half an orange for a sweet chaser and a lot of water on ice

Boom! I did not need to cook, the food is already made, and all I had to do was put it together. Now the old me would head to the nearest KFC, and eat a 4 piece dinner box complete with mashed potatoes, gravy, slaw, biscuit and butter, and a large Pepsi. Not good. 

So if you want to eat ready made food, just portion it correctly and you'll do OK, for me, I'm doing good. I'm eating a lot, but healthy foods. More fruits and veggies for snacks instead of Lay's potato chips. Ah, I'm trying, I just don't want another bout of gout. Hey I'm a rhyme master.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017


This is another post on healthy cooking and eating. There's no doubt that fast foods aren't the best for you. Too bad we don't have fast healthy food places where we can drive through, that would work. 

However, by taking some time each week and planning out your menu that fits your diet, you can eat healthy and quick when you want. For instance if you have your foods cooked and frozen at the ready, all you do is thaw it out on the day you want it. Going to work? Just thaw it out the night before, and stick it into your lunch cooler, and nuke it at your office.

Here's an idea for you workers that work 8+ hours a day, 5 days a week. Now eating the same thing everyday for lunch is boring. So here's what you do. Considering.

Do this on your day off, have some fun in the kitchen, invite kids and friends who want to learn something together.

- You need about 4 ounces of protein  per meal
- You need about 4 ounces of starch
- And the rest fibers from vegetables or fruits (the more the better).

Day 1- A fish dish. Take 4-5 ounces of a nice fish filet from your market, and sauté in some olive oil with fresh garlic minced, add some lemon juice, salt and pepper lightly. Let it cool, and vacuum seal it. Freeze it. Boom! You got your lunch. (Veggies and fruits don't freeze)

Day 2- A Noodle dish. Take one chicken thigh, without skin and bones, chop it up. Stir fry it with some garlic and ginger, light soy sauce and whatever veggies you want. Add a packet of frozen but thawed chow mein noodles, and heat through. Cool it off, and vacuum seal it. Freeze it. Boom! An Asian dish for you.

Day 3- A chicken dish. Day 2 had chicken, but we'll do chicken again another style. Take another chicken thigh, boneless and skinless, and simmer it in some water, a little apple cider vinegar, garlic, bay leaves and cloves, a little salt and pepper. Steam some broccoli and cauliflower. When that cools, vacuum seal it. Freeze it. Boom. Chicken on the tangy side.

Day 4- A beef dish. Take some lean ground beef, 4-5 ounces, sautéed in some canola oil with minced onions and garlic. Add some canned organic green beans, salt the pepper to taste. Easy! Cool it off, and vacuum seal it. Freeze it. Boom, just like grade school lunch.

Day 5- Pork and Rice. Take a lean cut of pork loin chop. Pan fry it with some corn oil, top it with some sautéed onions and mushrooms, salt and pepper to taste. Cool it off, vacuum seal it. Freeze it. Boom! Lean pork chops, you can't get easily.

As you can see, this alone looks daunting, "Man that's a lot of work bro!" Well, remember fast foods are fast because there's no thought into making it healthy, it's just making profits for the likes of Micky D's, Jack's Box and so on. Take some time in your kitchen, and you'll feel better for sure. And if you you buy stuff in bulk, you do one dish for a few weeks, like the day 1 dish, make it for 4 weeks, and so on with the other days, you'll have food for the office for the whole month. Moving around is good for the soul. Believe it or not, you will be exercising your mind, body and soul when in the kitchen. Keep it simple, watch cooking videos, take classes on nutrition, keep an opened mind.

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Until Next Time!


The last week and a half has been a true wakeup call for me, as I near the big 53, I mean in age, I suffered a week of intense gout, and then a severe cold, sore throat, sore muscles, fever, it just felt like shit! So now as I write this blog in Starbuck's drinking hot green tea, I'm feeling a tad better. 

I wanted to go to Pizza Hut and nail a medium Meat Lover's pizza. Yeah right, the angel on my shoulder said, "You are kidding right?" While the Devil on my other shoulder was saying, "C'mon man! Go for it, I know YOU WANT IT, HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

No. Won't do that, instead I might go to the market and get some items for a healthy easy pizza, no meats, maybe some real cheese, but I can whip up a simple one. I think I'll get a loaf of whole wheat French, some canned pitted olives, fresh garlic, mozzarella slices, onions, peppers, and use a ready made spaghetti sauce as the pizza sauce. Easy.

Directions: (2 servings, 2 slices each)

1. Slice whole wheat French in a diagonal, about an inch thick
2. Spread some spaghetti sauce over each slice
3. Put a slice of mozzarella on each over the sauce
4. Spread some olives, garlic, onions, and peppers over that, then top with a slice or 2 of mozzarella.
5. Bake in a 400 degree F, oven (preheated), for about 12 minutes or until top of each slices are golden, or to your liking.

Boom! Easy dudes!

© 2017

Friday, July 14, 2017


Life is so short, we don't know when our time is going to come, meaning when we are going to be with God, if you believe in God. Or put it this way, life is too short, you never know when you'll take your last breath on this earth. Let's talk about health for a little while. Last week I took a foodie trip to Honolulu to visit a friend that knew some very important people in the food business. Well we ate. Lots of rich foods, which meant seafoods such as Dungeness crab, lobsters, prawns, mussels, crawdads, and gourmet sausage. We also ate lots of Filipino food earlier that day. For me, that's too much rich and salty foods. The Filipino foods were salty from the patis (fish sauce), also the fats from the pork. Now my blood pressure jacked up despite my Lisinopril (high blood pressure meds). And my Allopurinol (gout meds). Now I did not experience any faint spells on this one day in Honolulu. 

The next few days I was in Vegas and ate lots of beef! Prime rib, strip steaks, short ribs, briskets. My liver, kidneys, and heart was being put through the test. And my trip to The Heart Attack Grill eating a 1/2 pound burger with chili, and lots of bacon and fries didn't help out. The next week all that caught up to me. For a week my left big toe and left ankle was swollen big time. Gout! I needed crutches!

So this is what we need to do. Is be more positive. You see my stupid attitude was like, "Shit I can die tomorrow, so what the fuck, I may as well eat all the good foods I can while I'm here." Wrong attitude. Because to be honest with you, last week dealing with gout and not able to walk I really wish I was dead. Seriously. I had a difficult time going to the potty. Just getting up to get a glass of water was a chore and a half! What I am saying is, we should have this attitude like, "OK I'm going to eat well, so that I won't be in pain tomorrow, so that I can be productive, and not some lame cripple!" Being bed ridden because of gout is no fun period. And the high blood pressure that accompanies with it, not good at all.

Healthy cooking is what I and you need to focus on. OK if you're all vegan and organic forget you guys, but it's me and the rest of us that eats like beef, pork and all the rich proteins are going away for good, we just gotta have it! We need to eat more green vegetables, fruits, drink more water and less sodas, and high fructose drinks. If we want that half pound burger with bacon, maybe as a treat later down the road, but not every few days. I looked at some of my foodie posts, and OMG! My neck doubled in size! Shit! Fat Neck! Nope don't wanna be called Fat Neck!

So I been heading to the local market, got more celery sticks to snack on instead of pork rinds. Feeling better and lost about five pounds already. Got some cucumbers and some Annie's Organic Salad Dressings. Got more bananas and organic peanut butter. For a good dinner I been eating grilled chicken breast sandwiches, less the sauces. Dried out. That's the ticket, and me being a mayonnaise lover, I gotta cut that crap out big time. I got some Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar to add to some water before bed time. It helps lower the uric acid in my blood. Uric acid is the culprit that eats away at the joints, yes that's the gout causer. The devil of arthritis. Bought some black cherry juice too, that's been proven to help gout sufferers. My goal is to keep my uric acid level down by going natural. I don't want to be on those pills, both the Allopurinol and Lisinopril. God didn't make our bodies to be an amusement park. I plan to do more walking too, no mater how humid it is outside. I gotta get healthy again. The last few years I been getting sloppy and out of shape, even my thinking became negative. Not good.

So my goal now is to post more healthy recipes. So look for the next post for some healthy food ideas if you have a weight problem, hypertension or gout problem too. Let's live for tomorrow, and be healthy tomorrow. Like I said, I'd rather be dead than to suffer from bed ridden gout!

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Friday, July 7, 2017


A few days ago I decided to stop by Down To Earth Natural Foods on Dairy Road, in Kahului, Maui. Just minutes from the airport. In fact I had just dropped off some family and was on my way back to Lahaina. It was pretty warm, even as the sun was setting, I was kind of hungry but did not want to eat anything big, or too filling. In my mind Down To Earth was the right stop at that particular time, I was eating too much rich foods over the last week and a half, lots of red meat and crustaceans that brought up my uric acid levels, gout was a coming, even with my gout prevention pills.

So I walk in the store, and it's totally clean, fresh fruits and veggies in abundance. The grocery aisles are filled with good products for you. I used to work for this company, and loved the people I worked with as well as the clientele that shopped there, it was a totally different vibe. 

I headed to the frozen foods section, and right in front of me I saw the discount signs, those red tabs that are hung on the front of each shelf. What got me was the packaging of this one brand called Arctic Zero Fit Frozen Desserts.  I took a look at the packaging, it was white with the right colors and fonts to stand out and grab my attention. GMO Free. Lactose Free. Protein and Fiber. OK that's really good. But the flavor of this frozen dessert got me drooling, it was Cookie Dough Chip. Who doesn't want cookie dough? Now I knew that this was not real ice cream, there had to be some kind of formula for the (Fit Frozen Desserts) which is trade marked.

ARCTIC ZERO FIT FROZEN DESSERTS is creatively made to cater to diabetics, celiacs, and anyone that doesn't want unhealthy supermarket bought ice creams. The founder Greg Holtman took care of his mother who was a type-1- diabetic. Which meant he couldn't feed her anything that was really high on the glycemic index. He spent time perfecting his formula and what you get is a really healthy frozen treat, almost like real ice cream.

Just click to read the story of this company. But let me say this, it is all natural, no GMO, and low in calories, really a great treat on a warm summer evening. The flavors were good, my Cookie Dough Chip dessert was in a pint size ice cream container, just like those premium ice creams. However there's a label once you open the top cover stating that you should wait about 10 minutes before spooning your first bite, to soften it up some because it is pretty solid upon opening, and the plastic spoon that was supplied me was rather flimsy on first attempt, you really need to wait at least 5 minutes and the product does soften, or as it says, you can stick it in a microwave oven for a few.

What I liked about it was it was not filling, it wasn't too sweet, and the cookie dough was epic, it tasted like it was supposed to. I ate the whole pint in a few minutes, I enjoyed every bite of it. You should try this out if you can find it locally where you live.

After the main cover comes off this is what you see
The unpacking of an epic product
Even the back of the pint looks informative
My serious look as I wait to devour this dessert!

Time for the Yay :) or Nay :( scale 

Quality of Product: Yay :)
Flavor: Yay :)
Website: Yay :)
Price: Yay :)

This is a Happy Face Emoji for sure! This is a Yay Yay :)!

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Saturday, July 1, 2017


Today's blog post will be the ever so popular Hawaiian style plate lunch entree called "Hamburger Steak", so what is a hamburger steak?

Some will call hamburger steaks, Salisbury steaks, a few patties weighing a few ounces each, or one big patty weighting in at 9-12 oz. Or more for that matter. Now a good hamburger steak is very tasty. That's number one. It has to be made with very good at the least ground chuck meat, with a mixture of at least 80/20 lean to fat mixture. Or 70/30, take your pick. The mixture no mater the ratio, must be seasoned with tasty flavorings. Now here's the trick. My take on a great hamburger steak, is really a meat loaf made into a patty. That's right YOU HEARD ME! You be saying, "What the ______?!" Hey junior watch your mouth boy, don't you say that cussin word round heah!

OK, not a total meat loaf mixture, just have some imagination on making that patty nice and juicy. You see, I got friends that make hamburger steaks and don't put in any flavoring, no imagination what so evahz. I got a friend who makes his with just the ground beef, he seasons it with salt and pepper, and steak sauce. But when he sears it, it is dense. Don't get me wrong, he's a great cook, and I'll eat the whole dang thing, but you see, eating his creation I need a fork and knife. Big NAY! You wanna cut the hamburger steak with a fork only, you heard me. Cut it with a fork only.

So how do you make a patty fork cut ready? You season it, and make a mixture as you are making a meatloaf, that's the trick, while still retaining the beef texture you know? Now I'm not giving you any recipe, that's your job to find one. Below are some hints for ya.

Considering 1 lb. of ground chuck beef. Making 4 1/4 oz. burger steaks.

Mixture ingredients.

A. 1 cup of mayonnaise + 1 egg + 1/2 cup of sour cream+ steak sauce + mustard + 1 cup pako flakes, salt and pepper TT.

B. 2 pieces of white bread soaked in buttermilk + 1 egg + 1 tbp. garlic powder + 1/4 minced onions + 2 eggs + 3 tbp. mustard + salt and pepper TT

C. 1 cup mayonnaise + 1 egg + 1/4 oyster sauce + 2 tbp. Sriracha + 1/4 minced green onions + 2 tbp. soy sauce + salt and pepper to TT.

 There you have 3 ideas on how to make it. Look all you got to do is get really creative, you will need some added fats like mayo, or sour cream, some ingredient like that.  Curry powder, chili powder, celery salt, just get nuts, and mental with it. There are no rules to making a great fork tender hamburger steak.

The picture below is from Google Search and is not mine. Just to give you an idea on what a fork tender hamburger steak looks like. Making a pan gravy with the drippings his a winner too.

Just looking at this, I know it's fork tender

If you look closely, you can tell there is a mixture in there. Oh look, minced onion coming off the patties, that is good. Now when the cook wants a pan gravy, all them drippings will make a fine delicious topping.

© 2017


I've blogged this dish many times before, the Prime Rib dinner at the Market Street Cafe at the CALIFORNIA HOTEL & CASINO , and it was very good, and what made this even better was the fact that the coupon from the meal coupon book from Boyd Gaming took care of this delicious meal, I had fries with this, it came with green beans and the au jus. After the dinner the Cherry Jubilee was a treat. Sorry that picture isn't here but I blogged it on another blog. Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, with cherry compote underneath.

The total meal with fries

What did I like about this particular cut? Well-notice the piece of marbleization in the center, do you see it? Yes sir, that there piece of tasty, mouth watering, tender fat! I sliced around the fat, and saved it for last. The guy sitting next to me at the counter got a lesson on savoring the meat. I took my time, like a surgeon performing a quadruple by-pass. Call me Dr. Ronaldo. I took the horse radish and set it aside, I'm sorry all you PR purists, just not a fan of that condiment on a good piece of bloody meat. I just sprinkled salt over it, perfect.

Hold on, I got to find that Cherry Jubilee it's in a folder, hold on....oh yeah here we go, I found it, look at this what a dessert after a Prime Rib meal!
Cherry Jubiliee

Now it's time for the foodie Yay :) or Nay :( scale.

Cleanliness at counter: Yay :)
Service: Yay :)
Quality of food: Yay :)

The result is all Yay Yay :)!!!!!

But the evening wasn't done just yet, I headed over across the street to the Fremont Street Experience, and stopped by the First Street Stage to watch this 80's cover band called 80s Station. They played everything from Wham, Blondie, Rick James, UB40, Van Halen, Rick Springfield, and I forget who else, they were very good for a cover band. Since Tuesday, I've seen a few cover bands here in Down Town Las Vegas, and all of them were kick ass. OK, they covered other bands, but that's entertainment. Good bands play good covers, and all the bands that I've seen play party rock music, shit that makes you jump up and down and boogie, non of that progressive stiff shitty rock. Well I like that prog stuff too, but not on Fremont Street, on Fremont Street you want people to boogie!
80s Station a 5 piece band the chick can sing!
The guy with the guitar is a good player too
So is the drummer in back, and the other guy that 
sings, and the bassist, all good!
The guy with the mic and Devo hat does a good job
entertaining, the bassist far right is a good Rick
James copy

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