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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

In Flight Meals

Ever fly to a destination, you're sitting at your gate at the airport, you peer out the large window and see your Boeing 767 being filled with something from a large container that says Gate Gourmet. Well, that's right Einstein, you got it correct, that's food being stored into your jetliner for you to purchase at 35,000 feet. Check this video out.

In Flight Meals-Gate Gourmet


Howard Schultz Documentary - The Starbucks Story

Howard Schultz the man that built Starbucks. Watch this documentary, it is an interesting story. 44 million people a week visit a Starbucks. Unreal. If you look at it, Starbucks brained washed people including me to buy coffee that costs a lot. In fact I don't think their coffee is any good now.

Howard Schultz Documentary- The Starbucks Story


Cooking With Paul - SNL

Hello foodies, hope all is well. In this blog post, I'll share with you something funny from SNL. It's a skit called Cooking With Paul. Paul is a 3 time sex offender, and his sidekick, or probation officer is the Rock. Watch this and have a little chuckle. OK, sex crimes is not funny. However, this is comedy and I think it's hallarious. Again, there is nothing funny about sex crimes. 

Cooking With Paul- SNL

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Ahi Poke' at Tamura's

Poke' is the king of raw ahi. Forget sushi, it's the thing of the past. Cubed raw tuna, sweet yellow fin tuna, is the cream of the crop. It is the New England Patriots of raw fish. It is the top end Ferrari, the top end cigar. Poke' has become very popular amongst the culinary/foodie world. Poke' shops sprout up around the world in record numbers. But, not every shop will do it right. Doing my research, and asking many of my culinary associates that travel the globe. Some poke' shops aren't good, because they try and do things that are not the way it's supposed to be when it comes to making cubed raw tuna. They will season it with the wrong ingredients. They handle the fish wrong. They use frozen fish. That's totally wrong. 

Frozen ahi can be OK, if it's thawed out correctly. If not it becomes mushy. However, this is the story on Tamura's Fine Wine and Liquors poke'. And I know for sure, that they use fresh ahi. How do I know? I got a job there at their poke' counter. The ahi, is flown in from Oahu to Maui, fresh. The loins are delivered daily for us to cut into cubes, and then marinate it with the company's secret recipes. Believe me, the poke' is excellent. Probably the freshest I've tasted. Yes the supermarket chains have them, but they use a lot of frozen fish. Big difference. Not bad. But big difference.

Fresh fish trumps frozen. Of course Tamura's will fly in frozen stuff like crab, shrimp, scallops because in Hawaii we can't get those. So frozen is a given with those items. However the ahi is fresh as can be. Below is one of our fish cutters turning the ahi loins into cubes.
The loins come in around 10:00 am or so every day. We set up the displays, making sure most of the case looks good. Then the ahi is the main focus. The sauces comes from the main store in Oahu shipped to the outer islands. We get those various flavors in 5 gallon buckets chilled. One of the best sellers in the Tamura's line up is the Ninja. Sorry, I don't even know the recipe. But it's like a sweet teriyaki with a little heat, or spice. Because of this well desired flavor, and it's popularity, we get wiped out quickly. Just the other day, I mixed several pans of that flavor, and it was wiped out fast! Visitors as well as the local crowd line up for that. And there's also bowls with white or brown rice to be eaten, or what Tamura's markets as Poke' Bowls. For around 11.99 to 15.99 you can get a bowl with fresh poke' and rice, and that's a meal. Just the other day our prices went up to 17.99 per pound. Not cheap for locals that work for a living. But. They do flock for it. So that's a good example in business, if it's quality they will buy. You won't need to sell it, they will come in droves to buy it, and boom! Glen Tamura the owner, why he's laughing to the bank baby! 
Fresh made Ninja Poke'

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Chicago's Best Sandwich: Wrigley Field

Baseball season is the best time of the year. March to October, I am totally into it. MLB, a game on everyday almost for a few months. Me, I'm a Los Angeles Dodger since I was little. Love those Dodgers. However, I love baseball period. And in this video, we will take a look at a sandwich called the Aloha Sandwich, made with Hawaiian sweet bread, grilled chicken breast, grilled pineapples, and a slaw. It looked great. I wish I was at Wrigley right now...of course to eat, and not root for the Cubs. Enjoy this short video.

Chicago's Best Sandwich: Wrigley Field


Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown- Armenia Episode

I'll say it thousands of times, Anthony Bourdain is, yes is although he has already left this earth. Still is the ultimate story teller of culture, and food. And of course his travels around the world. What a gig he had. I hope you enjoy this episode as chef takes a trip to Armenia.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown- Armenia Episode


Monday, March 4, 2019

Boiled VS Steamed Blue Crabs | Head To Head Comparison

Crab, how do you cook crab? How do I cook crab? For myself, I'll usually toss it into hot water, and boil it for a few minutes until the shell turns pink or red, off the heat, remove it from the hot water, and chop it up, serve it with garlic butter. Nothing special, I watched my mother cook crab that way so I guess it stuck with me since I was a kid. However, in this video I got on You Tube, this cook will teach you about boiling it, and steaming it east coast style. He uses seasonings that maybe different from what you use. So sit back relax and enjoy two different methods of cooking blue crab.

Boiled VS Steamed Blue Crabs
Head To Head Comparison