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Sunday, May 30, 2010


Yesterday I had the pleasure of giving Chef and Restaurateur D.K. Kodama a lift to the Kapalua West Maui Airport for his flight back to Oahu. I asked D.K. how he was doing and he said he was kind of burned out, his lates adventures is yogurt, didn't get much out of him but yogurt is what he and his investors are leaning on. So from Sushi to Steaks and Italian, and Wines. D.K. is trying to venture out in all aspects of food productions.

We talked about if he and his staff ever ventures out and checks out other new food places especially on Maui, he said that he's too busy to do that, but asked me what was happening on Maui since he's too busy doing his own thing. I mentioned that lots of people been checking out Star Noodles, and lots of people are checking out Beach Bums. He said if he's got time in the future we'll both go and eat and check out those new places.

Sansei will alway be the bread winner I personally think for D.K. it is the child he gave birth to that gets lines of people out the door in Kapalua and in Kihei. If D.K. wrote a book on how to succeed, I'd buy that anyday.

D.K. Kodama at right in picture.

For something Asian for the two of you for a special night IN HOME dining, contact me
Ron Sambrano


One question I got the other day from a young man wanting to become a chef, he asked me how proficient I was at butchering meats, my answer was factual, "I am terrible with a knife." He looked at me astonished, "Man I see you whipping up some awesome stuff on your cooking videos, you are joking right?"

No folks, I do have some form of arthritist happening, it runs in the family, my hands aren't as strong as one may think, so I don't butcher meats, or for that matter clean up huge ahi or mahi mahi, I leave that to the experts. As far as young chefs to be, when you take a culinary course to get your certification, you will have a meat cutting course more than likely so as if to give you a basics on how to do it. Like myself, I do know the principals and the methods, but I am not practiced at butchering, that takes years of practice.

I vistited Alex Franco at Maui Cattle Co. and watched the real pros do it, cutting up all of the cattle into the pieces of steaks that we purchase in the markets, Alex told me that he only hires the most skilled people, and it shows.

So if you want to be a chef, just learn how it is done, and "No" you don't need to be an expert butcher to be an excellent chef, a chef's job is to create awesome dishes and meals that are healthy for your customers, but understanding the concepts of butchering does help out, and in the event you someday may need to clean out the loin section, at least you'll understand what you need to do.

Good luck and God Bless you future chefs of America!

Ron Sambrano

For a meal at your place that is healthy contact me

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Going to a video taping gig is cool, especially when my gigs are culinary related, I do get to meet cool people, restaurant owners, chefs, and of course cool women that mix drinks, now they aren't bartenders, they're mixologists. That's right... MIX OLO GIST.

The shoot went off well, and got about 15 minutes of raw footage of Barbara Cobey, a seasoned mixologist from Sin City, where she trained exclusively at one of Las Vegas's premier resorts and casino. She's been in the culinary profession since age 15, and just by talking to her, she knows the business, though soft spoken, and charming, you get the sense that, if you mess with her, she can slash you like a sushi chef slicing grade A sashimi.

Barbara demonstrated some really cool drinks that I got to sample, and since I've been alcohol free for a few years, a bit of tasting does set off a slight buzz.  The day was nice, sun was out, a very light breeze blew, the ocean was blue and tempting. (See Pic at top)

The four drinks that I filmed her do will be broadcast on Akaku TV as soon as I get a chance to edit it and hand it to my buddies at programming.

(Picture at left) Siren's Song. And being mostly a beer drinker in the past mostly cheap ales and mid range lagers, I found the Siren's Song pretty good, was it my feminine side? Ha ha, but Barbara rocks man! She does. She also made a few other drinks, like the Makawao Mule, made with a special house Hibiscus Hawaiian Ginger Syrup that was very pleasing, it kinda woke me up.
And a Brazilian influenced Caipirinha, and the orange drink you see below the Mango Tini.

The Mango Tini is great for women who want something sweet when they're sweating it out on the beach, working the tan, sweet and cool, the taste of tropical madness MANGO! This drink is perfect for the visitors from the cold country.

If you you want, contact Barbara at email:

Contact me if you need a meal done

Monday, May 24, 2010

Why Hire a Personal Cook/Chef?

One dinner I did do was a few weeks ago, the gentleman and his wife just wanted a simple stirfry and some rice, and hot tea. They did not want to travel even a couple of miles in South Maui to get Chinese or Thai, so they hired me, the cost was an even $100.00 for my services. I went to their place and talked to them, they wanted of all things so simple. Beef Broccoli, Garlic Shrimp, Won Tons, Rice and that was it.

So I got some money from them, signed an agreement, went to Foodland in Kihei and shopped for the stuff, it was less than 50.00. So i go back to their condo, they had a wok, and utensils, all I brought was my knives. Ha ha. so their night cost them $150.00, for them it was well spent, no driving, and they drank more wine than if they drove.

So, hiring a personal cook/chef like myself can save you time from driving, and you'll have the comforts of home.


Sunday, May 23, 2010


Beef has been eaten since the days of the Bible, and it doesn't kill you to eat beef, vegans or vegetarians will say whatever it is to steer you away from eating beef. But beef, if you love it can be made into a healthy tasty meal, without all of the sodium and sugars.

Let's look at a good piece of t-bone, porterhouse, or New York, and using a grill, for a summer meal that will be good for you. We'll use more veggies and less starches, more good oils, herbs and spices to jack up some flavors. Get used to eating without lots of sodium cholride (salt).

Where does the good cuts come from? The best meats comes from the rib section or loin section of the cattle where the muscles aren't contracting making the meats tough. Grilling beef with the bone in adds flavor to the dish, bone does offer more flavors especially when all of the juices are coming out when grilling it.

No matter which cuts you decide to utilize, a t-bone, porter house, or New Yorkers, you may want to use this simple method or technique to get your meats flavorful without all the harsh sodium and sugars for a healthier meal.

Get some olive oil, some garlic, some parsley, some fresh ground black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, scallions, some red hot chilies. And using comon sense, just add a bit of every item listed here, and then place them in a food processor and process until smooth.

Heat up your grill to medium high heat, if you are using a gas grill, use some foil and place some wood chips inside, but soak the chips in water and cover it with foil, and place on the hot grid, it will add a smokey flavor to your meats. If you are using charcoal, the charcoal will do that automatically. Use hickory, or any fruit wood chips you can get, apple wood, cherry wood, mesquite, kiawe in Hawaii make good smoke.

After making your marinade, place your steaks in a bowl, and pour in the marinade, let the meat soak for about 30 minutes. Then grill your steaks to your liking. Try and get the steaks about an inch thick, or 3/4 inch thick, and like I said grill it to your liking. The flavors from the olive oil and herbs should add flavor to the meats, if you want, just add a dash of salt over the meat to satisfy your taste buds. But omit salt whenever possible.

Call for a healthy steak dinner at your home, dinners for 2, appetizers, entrees, desserts, special diets, hypertension. Contact me for a custom healthy meal.

Cut onions and marinate them with oil and herbs, and grill it. Steam carrots or broccoli and seam it and season it with no-sodium condiments.


Friday, May 21, 2010


The old school local market Takamiya Market is the place to go for good local food, grab and go and eat. Located at 359 N. Market St. Wailuku, HI 96793 808- 244-3404

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Will be doing a taping of my show for Akaku at Sarento's in Wailea next Thursday May 27, 2010. Getting some demonstrations with mixologist Barbara Cobey and hopefully a demonstration from the chef. The company owns other restaurants including Son'Z at the Hyatt in Kaanapali, Nick's Fish Market in the Fairmont Kealani i Wailea, as well as Sarento's at the Ilikai in Honolulu.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


One of my services is (flight food), you know what I mean, it's when you can't get good food on your airline, but you want something healthy that you can't get at the airport or in the plane. Well, I can prepare a meal for you, put it in bag, and off you go to your business trip or vacation.

Fresh sandwiches, fresh salads that are made better than those airport digs, and you can't be starving in a jet for 5 hours.



No matter where I go, it seems like most people that know me, want me to make them "Home Cooking," stuff that will fill you up, no gourmet thing, just hefty meat and potatoes kind of dinners or lunches. Well, if that's your thing, it is mine too, and I take home cooking and its simplicity like good blues based rock music, it's simple and it has a beat, a heart and soul.

Meat Loaf?  Fried Chicken? Pizza? Tacos? Curries? Roasted Pork?

Ron for a meal at your home.


Save your gas, you want Chinese style noodles, then contact me, affordable, delicious and I can produce meals that wont be too salty for you hypertension patients.

Shrimp Chow Mein; Pork and Spicy Noodles; Tofu and Noodles; Spicy Noodle Soup-

Whatever your eating needs are: Ron  @


Want to eat breakfast in home without hurrying out to the nearest Dennys or I HOP? Well, contact me and I can do a breakfast for you and your family. Omelets, Benedicts, Buttermilk Pancakes, French Toast, Eggs any style, also Vegan and Vegetarian breakfasts too.



I can put together a very healthy and simple meal for you, if you have any of these issues, Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer. I can create something very similar to what you used to eat but can't now because of your condition. I am capable of producing some very fine meals for you, ethnic dishes, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Pacific Island, Indian, you can email me and we can work together for a fantastic evening that you've haven't had in a while.
Simple is good, and that's the way I do cook, i keep it simple and healthy for you.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Lemons and water over ice is a great refreshing drink and it's better than canned lemonade with all of the added, unnecessary sugars. Try it this summer, have a bunch of fresh lemons ready to be squeezed.
Also call me for any meal that you may need cooked at your place, a dish of lemon chicken and wash it down with cold lemon ice water.

Lemon Chicken: can be made with
very low sodium, and low sugars if
you need it.



TACOS SUPERMEX in the Lahaina Cannery Mall is a little food counter type establishment, the burritos, tacos, rice, and beans are nice and hot all of the time, the chefs keep it simple, utilizing fresh Maui ingredients for their dishes. The day I went to eat, the Beef Fajita plate was only 7.99 and it came with 3 soft flour tortillas that was hot and the fajitas were seasoned just right, it was very tasty, and with refried beans, chips, guacamole, and some cheddar melted on the chips and a Sprite, this was the ulitimate. I guess that's how someone's Mexican grandma would make it, very very good.

 Sattiva the manager on duty as she takes a short talk story session with me, friendly local style service always wins the hearts of customers.

Chef Sergio prepares a killer Mexican meal, awesome and so simple this style of cooking is totally in with the customers. One woman claimed, "I love it here because it's in the Lahaina Cannery and it's air conditioned, plus the food is great, really fresh, and you can watch the chefs at work and talk to them too."

Photos By Ron Sambrano
Story By Ron Sambrano

Monday, May 17, 2010


Feel like Indian tonight? Call me or email me, we'll do a nice hot and juicy Chicken Korma. Healthy for the body and soul, something different if you haven't delved in Indian cuisine, try it out, I'll go easy on the spices at first.

Vegetarian? We'll add in wheat gluten, tempeh, or tofu in place of chicken.


Contact me, if you want a beef curry that is healthy, I can work with you and do it. High blood pressure? Diabetes? We can gather all the information we need, and work on shopping for the right ingredients.
Good savory foods can still be eaten, and though you may have an illness, I am here to be of value to you, eat it up because you live only once!




 Pictured here is a can of wheat gluten, a good source of protein for vegetarians and vegans, this can is called "mock duck", call me if you are a vegan or vegetarian, and we'll make a killer Chinese meatless dinner just for two, with some good wine.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Drinks At Sarentos

Pacific Ocean and Trade Winds
A couple's kind of restaraunt
Will be working with Barbara, mixologist at Sarento's in Kihei, Maui soon. Nice setting at Sarento's mellow ocean front drinking and dining, next to the Five Palms.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010



This used to be the old Dairy Queen off of Lono Avenue in Kahului, Maui. Over the years it's been known to locals as Treats and Sweets, the plate lunches are totally local, if you are visiting from the mainland, treat yourself to a local style drive-inn, and see if you can rent a 57 Chevy to make the experience Old School Digz.

Photo below is the front of the house where orders are taken and picked up, the photo below is the side view from Lono Ave.

If you need a special meal because of an ailment or just want a pesonal dinner for two in your own home, contact me, I can do many classical dinners, as well as various ethnic dishes. Diabetic? Hypertension? Cancer? I can custom your dinner just for you and your partner.



I am currently working on other projects such as a video series on food, tentatively called LICK em UP! With Danny Agdeppa, and Roland Uehara and working on a cookbook.

Check out other blogs from previous months.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010


ZUSHI outdoor seating for a real local ambience

If you are coming into Lahaina for the first time, and want good local food or (grinez), stop by the Lahaina Square Shopping Center, you'll find some good local style foods. first of all there's Maui Tacos which is famous for their healthy Mex, or "Maui Mex" and right next door there's a really great Japanese dig called Zushi, it is operated by a one woman crew and she serves very simple foods of Japan, her specialties are her tempuras, and her chicken teri. Every plate comes with white sticky rice, macaroni salad, and miso soup, and you can't get this stuff anywhere else, but in Lahaina.

Mama is hard at work still bustin it for the lunch rush, it is 12:55 pm on a Monday in May, and the peoople keep on coming in, waiting up to 30 minutes at times for their meals, "I tell my boss I got a flat," says one local woman. People wait because the food is freshly made!


ILOCANDIA Filipino Store

If you are feeling adventurous, go to Ilocandia and get some Filipino staples, like Pinacbet, a somewhat stewed vegetables and pork dish with herbs and spices, usually eggplants, and beans are in it, with garlic and ginger and Patis (fish sauce), or the deep fried pork rinds sliced thick with rice, and you get your choice of condiments, vinegar infused with herbs, fish sauce, soy saue, hot sauce. And there's a few packaged items from the Philippines like candies, canned goods, frozen foods, snacks, so if you want something different to explore this little hole in the wall is very interesting.

Korean Style

This is a new place just opened in 2009, and is a hit with the locals on the west side of Maui, as you can see the sign says it all breakfast $2.99, can't beat that, and the food is good, local style, if you are ever in Lahaina and want a good meal that is not your typical American fare, go here, it is definitely off the paths of Front Street, and parking is good, safe at nights. Many visitors tend to not go past the post office in Lahaina Town, so if you are in Lahaina, go and check this out.

And if you need a special meal custom made for you if you are a diabetic or have hypertension or cancer, call me and we can work something out.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Diabetic Meals

There's a lot of great dishes a diabetic can eat, call me to modify your diet if you do have diabetes, it is always possible to eat delicious foods, without high doses of sugar and starches.

One popular dish that diebetics love is my teriyaki chicken or beef, it is done with low sodium soy sauce which is wheat free as well, and fresh grated ginger and garlic, scallions, and for sweet agave syrup. Also by minimizing the portions and eating more flavorful vegetables, your meals with me will be filling.

Contatc me for meals at home

Friday, May 7, 2010


Yes I do offer gluten free meals, especially desserts for you dessert freaks that need gluten free diets. Call me and we will work together in concert to make you a happy person while you are here on this earth, no need to submit to bordom in your meals, there is a way to make great meals without using gluten.



I DO OFFER SPECIAL MADE MEALS like meals geared towards the candida patients, contact me and we can go over a meal plan that will be delicious and safe at the same time, there is no need to eat boring foods, we will work together and have a happy life!

Guacamole with corn tortilla chips
Party Stuffed Eggs
Clam Chowder
Cod, Salmon, Bass, Snapper (fish that's available)
Seared New York steaks
Herb Roasted Pork Chops
and many other fine meals can be eaten with proper care and the right ingredients.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cooking For The Elderly

Contact me if you need meals custom made for elderly family members, Diabetes, Hypertension, soft foods. Will work with whatever foods needs to be prepared.

Please have any pertinent instructions from professional health care provider so we can be both on the same page, diets are a serious issue and all ingredients must match the client(s). I take my work seriously, and want the best for the persons I will be serving.



One of my services is prepping for your lunches for the week, if you have a small family that needs lunches for school, contact me.

Sealed airtight sandwiches, pastas, salads.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010


If you just want to relax, and you got a few guests over the house, and you have a gas grill, call me for a night of T-Bones. Sounds funny? But a Night of T-Bones have landed my clients, clients for themselves, simple night of just potatoes, salad, a few easy appetizers, you know fun foods, and flavorful rubbed and grilled t-bone steaks. Remember, "A NIGHT OF T-BONES"


Pictured is the Filipino egg rolls lumpia, Thai foods are similar, lots of peppers for heat and fish sauces, lots of herbs, garlic and ginger, soy sauce, lots of nice colorful presentation.

Want a killer pork or chicken adobo?
Or a nice Thai steamed fish with peanut sauce with lots of packing heat? Why go out when I can stop by and do the job, no need for parking, no need to worry about drinking and driving. It's Chef Ron.

Thai or Filipino dinners are quick to make if your desires are exotic, contact me and we can work something out, impress a date by going exotic in your own home, easy to do, and will be done. Contact me for an evening or lunch.



Homemade Ice Cream makers are great, and can be much more healthier because you can adjust the ingredients to suit your health issues.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


with Curried Vegetable Rice

Miso Prawn Soup with Herbs

Date and Raisin Cake

A perfect casual dinner for two, healthy meal, all organic and natrual.

Contact me for a healthy meal in your own home for the two of you.


Organic Papayas


Organic papayas from a local market, no GMOs, all natural, great for a smoothie, or for a breakfast, filled with vitamins A, C, K, E, potassium, folate, and a good dose of dietary fibers, clocks in at about 118 calories, a good starter for a hectic day. Known to help fight colon cancer, and is good for the heart.

C Vitamins are good to fight free radicals, helps prevent cancers, improves iron absorption.
E Vitamins are good for protecting your skin from ultraviolet light, helps protect against prostate cancer and Alzheimers disease
A Vitamins are good for fighting virul infections, and maintaining good eyes
K Vitamins are good for blood clotting, helps prevent arteries from hardening, and helps the body absorb calcium.

For a healthy meal at your home, contact me