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Saturday, January 4, 2014



Da Foodie Boodies

Q: What the heck is Da Foodie Boodies?

A: It is all about being a foodie, originator Ron Sambrano describes the creation.

Ron (L); Chef Nick Cleveland Honu Seafood & Pizza ®

I'll tell you what this is all about…it is like I said…being a foodie, let's say you just love food…then you are a foodie…hmmm…you love cooking, you are a foodie. You love watching Food Network for your favorite celebrity chef…hmmm…yes you are a foodie if you like or not, like if you are always hitting the fifth of Stolies in the morning you'd be considered an alcoholic.

How this came about? Okay…about a couple years ago or so, I decided to put up a group page on Facebook called…you guessed it….Da Foodie Boodies. And slowly, there's foodies asking to join the page…and they post all kinds of shit on there…recipes…protests against GMOs, it's totally cool.

Then my video partner Sacha Bauml said to me…"Let's create a website called Da Foodie Boodies"… so we reserved the domain name, and now we are about to embark on making this thing a brand…and a networking tool for foodies of all kinds. it's cool.

Things are in the works, we also created a parent company called Hui Ho Omo`a which means "Together We Cook" in Hawaiian. Da Foodie Boodies will go under that umbrella. And we hope to relocate to Las Vegas soon to set up shop because the content we can create is endless on the mainland, and it is much closer to the locations we want to capture or conquer. It's close to California, Oregon, Washington, Canada's west coast, and it's closer to the midwest, and east coast too, and everywhere in between.

I'll be doing some cooking segments with my crew which includes Sascha on camera and our other partner Susan Welck on camera, as I cook, they'll ask me questions and make comments, and have fun, not your typical cooking segments.

On the website we'll also have other interesting stuff, a store where you can purchase cooking equipment with our logo on there, clothing, cookbooks, cooking videos in both disc and downloadable files…We'll have a Chef Advisory Board where some of Maui's and Vegas' known chefs will have their emails handy for you to ask them questions. And they'll have exclusive cooking shows produced by Da Foodie Boodies Productions team.

The site will offer restaurants to come on board, where we will video tape their business and try their foods, and offer them advertising and marketing.

We will also do some traveling, and keep a blog, and stream live videos of us as we do our excursions. These footage we capture will also be used to create different segments, one would always be to do a documentary of where we travel and visit, to make it educational and entertaining, we'd want our documentaries to be entered into film festivals, and possibly shown on cable, or online by different companies, as we would sell the rights to have these productions utilized.

There is no limit with this company can do and create for the good of the foodies of the world, stay tuned because the train will be coming at you full force!