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Friday, November 8, 2013


MEAT JUN (Korean Style Beef)
All photos are from Google Images and I am not trying to make money off of these photos.

Meat Jun, just a great idea in Korean foods. Tender thinly sliced beef, seasoned with salt and pepper, garlic, soy sauce, sesames, and sugar, almost like a teriyaki, but not quite because of the sesames. Ooo, the chef will marinate the meat, and then dip it in flour, and then some beaten eggs, possibly season it before the frying process, but when it's done, it's a heavenly dish if you love beef such as myself.

Then the meat jun is sliced into strips, and served with a dipping sauce made with soy sauce, vinegar, hoisin sauce, chopped green onion, garlic and Sriracha hot sauce and toasted sesame seeds.

What do we eat in Hawaii? We eat Korean style too, and there's a lot of places that serves up meat jun, heck there may be some place where you live that has a Korean BBQ joint, check them out. And usually at a Korean establishment, the sides are awesome, you'll get the standard macaroni salad, but the side will include, pickled cabbage, kim chi, seaweed, pasta, all kinds of stuff, potatoes, man it's nuts, you got to go venture you foodie you!

This is a nicely done meat jun
Another meat jun plate with the dipping sauce, I'd pound this in a heartbeat with rice and mac salad, in fact, I'd love to put some mayonnaise on it too for some richness.
After working out..a plate like this will fill you up for sure, or whenever you got the munchies.
Late night dinners, if you can find a diner that does meat jun, it's a great meal to end that evening after the opera, after the ballet, after the ball game, after kicking someone's ass that tried to jack your car.
This plate is big enough for 2 peeps.

As you can see, meat jun the Korean battered thin cuts of beef is looking good, and like any kind of food, if done right, will taste ono (delicious).