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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ahi Benedict at SLAPPY CAKES Maui

Ahi Benedict at Slappy Cakes on Maui. What a morning, having breakfast and talking shop with my buddy Peter from Oahu. First time there for both of us, we didn't get a table to cook our own pancakes, however we did order some Benedicts. Peter had the pork confi Benedict, while I went for the ahi Bendedict. Pete's was ono, so was mines. It was tasty and filling to the maximum.

Breakfast seems to be the in thing now, because at Slappy Cakes there was a line going out the door, visitors and locals alike waiting for breakfast. The prices are pricey my friends, for each pancake it's 4.00 each, plus toppings can run you a few dollars more, so if you stuff or fill a pancake it can run you a good price, I'd rather buy me some Krusteez and cook it at home what the hell?

The bar was the only place to sit, so both Peter and I started to talk to the bartender, he was a cool surfer dude, he bought us a plate of battered bacon with apple caramel sauce.

The battered bacon was alright, just too much batter that was sweet and you couldn't get a handle on the flavor of the bacon. All in all it was alright.

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