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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


There is no mistaking the aroma and flavor of mint. Mint was one of my favorite herbs…and still is because it has a pleasant and sweet aroma. Growing up when I was a kid one of my favorite chewing gums was the spearmint gums like Wrigley's. In fact more so than the popular Juicy Fruit Wrigley's that most kids loved, nope it had to be the spearmint. Mint has a powerful healing element, I remember working in a health food store and my stomach was kind of gassy, really uncomfortable. Well one of the cooks there, her name was Nat went straight for the walk-in fridge and handed me a few mint leaves. After chewing both leaves as instructed by Nat, a few minutes afterwards my stomach was relieved believe it or not, it really worked. Okay I'm not an expert on herbs, in fact I have a short attention span, if I went to a mint seminar I'd fall asleep unless Eddie Van Halen showed up to play his guitar in between speakers on mint.

So here's my take on mint, it's a healer. Another friend of mine used mint to control her body odor because she was a naturalist, she didn't like to use any man made deodorants. She ate mint, and less animal products and she claims her breath and body oder was lessened. Maybe that's why after eating a 10 oz double cheese burger I attract the dog across the street that loves beef. Maybe I should eat more mint. Interesting how our bodies operate, I figure if we eat more pleasantly smelling foods we'll smell better too. That's an idea we all should think about. Eat sweet smelling foods.

Back to mint, there's nothing like a nice mint chocolate chip ice cream cone, if you don't like mint chocolate chip somethings wrong with you. Who in their right mind doesn't like mint chocolate chip ice cream? Only a dork doesn't like mint chocolate chip ice cream are you kidding me? How about chocolate cake with a mint cream frosting? That'll work. And it doesn't stop there my friends. Go to any Vietnamese or Thai dig, you're bound to have mint in a dish, like a Tom Yum or a Beef Stir Fry. 

Okay this is just a short blog, nothing fancy, nothing really to think about, it's just my take on mint. I think I'll go to the store and buy me some mint and put it in a soup. Or maybe hold on to some, and if I see someone with a sore tummy, I'll give them a few mint leaves. Maybe I'll run into someone with a bad case of bad breath and body oder, I'll just hand them the whole bag of mint and say, "Here the mints on me, have some, you'll smell better." 

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