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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Food has been a major topic as of late, the whole debate on GMO foods has circulated to astronomical proportions. When only a chosen bunch of people in the know about genetically engineered foods like ten years ago, almost every household now is conversing on GMO foods.

My take on GMO foods is this. I've been eating GMO as well as many in my generation for years. And yes, I have had some illness in my life, as well as others in my family, so the questions remain to most of us, are GMOs responsible for our illnesses? I believe in some respect it is. Why? It is fact that processed foods are not good for us, and if it is consumed three times a day, it can be fatal, leading to illnesses like hypertension and diabetes to name a few. Recently some studies have produced findings that GMO foods ingested in the long run is the cause for Alzheimer's disease.

However I must also say, if chemical companies are finding ways to feed the world that's a good thing, at this stage of the world's population the cost of all natural or organic foods is really expensive, hence the promotion of growing our own gardens if we can. But if chemical companies can use safe methods to growing non organic foods to feed the  world, isn't it a good thing? Of course the nay sayers will scream, "They are in it for the money and billions in profits!" Well yes, of course…they are in business aren't they? But if the foods are safe, then I'm all for it, however if it's not deemed safe I have reservations on it.

Will the non GMO organizations actually hurt food establishments? Will a mom and pop diner opened for years lose business if they are by law to state on their menu that they are not using organic, meaning yes they are serving up GMO foods…will this put them on the street without a home? If people get educated or possibly brainwashed, will food businesses lose a lot on their bottom line? I have friends ready to start small eateries, but now with the GMO debate and not knowing what's going to happen with legislation, it may not be the time to pull the entrepreneurial trigger in the food biz.

Whatever the case, people, ordinary people need to eat, and more than likely will not seek expensive organic foods because fact remains that stuff cost a lot more for the average person. It remains to be seen what will happen in the business of food that will actually have an affect on the regular people just getting by. We all know that big business influences government, and protesters have an affect on government. Maybe this whole GMO anti GMO thing was meant to be so we can sort this out quickly. We don't need higher cost for anything, the world does seem like it's coming to an end…well not to sound biblical, just saying. The whole world's gone nuts!

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