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Monday, November 10, 2014


What happens when a slugger in the majors goes into a deep deep slump, from nailing 10 homers in a row and batting over .300 in a week, to going 0-1 1,000,000 the rest of the year? What and why does this shit happen? Hmm, or say a PGA golfer like Tiger Woods goes into a winless streak that seemingly looks like the end of him? 

For me as a cook, it's my knife skills that needed sharpening. Why? For one thing I haven't been doing a lot of cooking lately hence my knife skills went…well…south. So here's what I did, I spent 12.00 at the Lahaina Foodland Farms, got me 3 medium round onions, 2 medium cucumbers, and 3 medium tomatoes.

I remember Martin Yan demonstrating how to decorate a salad plate by slicing a cucumber in half, and then slicing it down the center lengthwise creating a half moon. He used his cleaver to slowly create very thin slices that he fanned out around the salad plate. Man I ain't Martin Yan, I definitely need more practice.

And the roses from slicing the tomato skin from the base of the tomato and making a medium width slice going around the entire tomato and then rolling it up again. Not bad for being away from the knife for a few years..haha… I been cutting meats but nothing like making a presentation worth looking at. I just had to get back into the knife skills again. Maintaining my cleaver's edge and my paring knife's edge as well once again. It's all good. I guess I was that major league slugger in a long hitting slump, and Tiger Woods going winless for a long time. But with practice it's feeling like I can do it again. Thing is, if you're a cook and people are watching, you gotta be proficient, if not you'll look pretty bad. So practice I go.

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