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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

WON TON MIN At MIKE'S Hong Kong Bistro

Back to Mike's Hong Kong Bistro in Wailuku, Maui. And it was the Won Ton Min, tasty broth, some veggies, charsiu pork, and 5 pieces of steamed won tons with pork filling.

Mike's is one of the only Chinese/Local restaurants that is acceptable on the island. No, it can't compare with the restaurants in some major cities, but it is a good place to eat. And yesterday was the Won Ton Min. Basically it's saimin, with won tons inside.

The won tons weigh in at least 2 oz. each, and I believe I had like 5, so that's like 10 oz. of food, plus a few ounces of noodles, and a couple cups of tasty broth, served hot! I got a couple of ramekins and filled them up about 1/4 way with water blended yellow mustard. Then filled it with soy sauce to pour into the broth, and to use as a dip for the dumplings. 

Mike's also serves other items as well, like kalbi ribs, hamburger steaks, roast duck etc. However the won ton min, did hit the spot indeed. It was filling, for around 10.00, it was OK, nothing to complain about, nothing.

No other colors like orange from some carrots

3 pieces of charsiu pork, could have put one more

The size was OK

Steaming hot is good

Taking a photo with my iPhone 6s, thinking of
going for the 8+ soon!

All photos are mine © 2017

The Yay :)   or Nay :(  Scale

Parking: Yay :)
Friendliness: Yay :)
Comfort: Yay :)
Food Quality: Yay :)
Quickness to table: Yay :)
Price: Yay :)
Restrooms: Yay :)
Big breasted waitresses: Nay :(
Stand up comedy: Nay :(
Souvenir shop: Nay :(