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Thursday, November 2, 2017


Siu's Chinese Kitchen, Maui Mall, Maui, Hawaii.
It's the second of November, 2017 and in deep mourning, one of the saddest days of my life. My beloved L.A. Dodgers lost in Game 7 of the World Series to the Houston Astros last night. I felt like a family member that was loved is gone forever. Well- until next spring. LOL!

Once again I'm in Kahului on an airport run picking up my sister and her husband, so with 2 hours to kill, and since it was like noon, it's lunch time. So my senses was seeking some Chinese food. And with this said, I wish I was in Honolulu in China Town with the best Chinese food in the state. However it is Maui, so I headed to Siu's Chinese Kitchen in the Maui Mall. Automatically I knew what I was going to eat.

The 2 choice plate for $8.99, and this comes with your choice of chow mein noodles, white rice, or fried rice. I took the chow mein noodles of course. Then the ginger chicken, and the roast duck. Was it good? Of course it was, if I eat all of my food, it's good. Now there's always better Chinese someplace in this world, but for Maui, Siu's is always good. That and a small Coke.

Below is a few pics check it out.

The entrance looks like this.
No bums looking for handouts :)

Siu's interior is a standard, few booths, a pick and choose,
and also a menu that features soups and stir fries.

A straight up angle of my plate, tasty chow mein
on the left is the cold ginger chicken
to the right is the roast duck pieces.
From another view, are you hungry now?

Me speechless and still reeling from the Dodgers loss!
From another vantage point, now are you hungry?

If you've never had ginger chicken, it is served cold, kept at a safe 41 degrees F. Chefs generally boil a whole bird, skin and bones intact, this gives it a flavor you will have a foodie ejaculation. So the bird is boiled, in a brine of salt, and ginger. Then the sauce is made with blended fresh ginger, vegetable oil, salt, and green onions. And the roast duck is roasted whole, it is marinated in a special Chinese style connection, and then it is hung dried, so that the skin gets really crispy when it is roasted. Then it is roasted.

The Scale (1 weak- 5 awesome)

Chow Mein: 3.3
Ginger Chicken: 3.7
Roast Duck: 3.9
Freshness: 4.7
Cleanliness: 4.3
Friendliness: 5
Parking: 4
Cost: 5 (affordable)

Above average pick and choose food.