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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

MAUI- Plate Lunch Crazy

Local Maui Style, local Hawaiian style eats, it's all simple stuff, no wine sauces, no fancy expensive foods and preparations. Our comfort food can be as simple as some ground beef and veggies and a curry sauce to make Hamburger Curry like the plate on the left from Nagasako Okazu Ya and Deli in Lahaina Maui, two scoops of rice and some salad, with a Spam Musubi and breaded teriyaki beef in the small container on the left.

Nagasako's have been in business way before I was born, the family operated a supermarket in the old Lahaina Shopping Center, the best cuts of beef, pork, chicken, and fish could be found there, and their cooked foods was awesome. As time moved forward, the old shopping center's building was knocked down and replaced with a new building to what it is now, if you visit Maui and have tickets to the Ulalena show, this is the spot where the Nagasako Supermarket once stood, today a Foodland occupies as the only market in that area.

Today the Nagasako family operates their Okazu Ya & Deli across of the Foodland in another building, their deli is busy in the early mornings and during lunch time, this is the only place to get real local style home cooking, where finding chow fun, roast pork, shoyu chicken, chicken hekka, hamburger steaks, sushi, sandwiches and soft drinks, the line can go out the door and into the parking stalls.

Local food here is just simple, cooked with simple ingredients you'd find on your racks in your home. Local style is the good then...this is what we call local food, or some of it.

Tips on ordering:

1. make up your mind as to what entree you want by looking in the hot pans in the display case, if you don't know what it is ask them.

2. decide what kind of starches you want, do you want white rice? Or chow fun noodles instead?

3. Order a soft drink or some water and pay for your plate lunch, and away you go. 

What do I get?

Ron gets, if they have it. An order of chow fun noodles, a scoop of macaroni salad, shoyu chicken, and hamburger steak, that would be two chicken thighs and two hamburger steaks with brown gravy over the burger patties. I top the mac salad with soy sauce, as well as the chow fun noodles, there you have it, how an expert orders his plate at the Nagasako Okazu Ya & Deli.