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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Maui- We Love Kim Chi

Kim Chi is a side of veggies locals love to eat with our plate lunches, that spicy, salty, sour cabbage inspired from Korea can add bite to a simple plate of hamburger steaks, rice and macaroni salad. I love to spoon some of the kim chi sauce on to the rice and macaroni salad giving it more zip.

Locals on Maui, or Hawaii in general are simple eating people, we don't go searching for that rare turmeric root, or that expensive clove, we just use whatever we got in the cupboards and run with it, so our tastes buds aren't complex at all.

Salted and spicy veggies called kim chi makes a plate awesome, one of the places I like to visit is Pearl's in the Queen Kaahumanu Shopping Center, up stairs in the food court, Pearl's offers kim chi, macaroni salad, and a few local and Korean inspired dishes. 

I love to eat the meat jun, which is a marinated piece of beef that is dipped in an egg batter and fried, or the kalbi bbq ribs, with rice and kim chi and macaroni salad. They also have other pickled veggies in the pans, like bean sprouts, potatoes, cabbage, tofu, kelp. It's all good at Pearl's and their kim chi rocks.

Photo fro Meat Jun on the left, Kalbi ribs on the right.

Photo from, Pearl's veggies, lots of good stuff, if you're a vegetarian you can just pick the veggies from the display it is always fresh, not once have I had stale veggies there. Occasionally when they're busy, I'll get an entree and you can tell it was precooked in case they got too slammed.