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Monday, February 10, 2014


OHANA (Family)
Family is a very vital part of Hawaii or Hawaiians that have been relocated to different parts of the world. Family doesn't need to be blood family or relatives, family is anyone that connects with each other in perfect harmony. Ohana (Oh Hah nah)..very vital for life.

Food is also a very vital part of survival, as well as for entertaining along with music and dance, like most cultures of the world. I have a friend in Westport, Washington, a Hawaiian who is married to a lovely local girl, his ohana is now in Washington, and the Hawaiian contingent there thrives.

I have heard from friends of mine that served in the Army and was stationed in Germany, "Hey brah, us guys and the Germans have lots in common, they love meat and beer, and having a good time." Yes, food and drink is a bond, most definitely.

In Hawaii, we celebrate many things of importance, one could be the first baby's life on earth, a luau would be scheduled, family and friends will know months ahead of time to take that Sunday off, and to be ready for good times, to put away all falsehood, and narcissistic behavior, and to show respect for the hosts, and to show respect for the elders first, and of course everyone else. In Hawaii we always show respect for our Kupuna (elders)…to show disrespect is shameful. I've witnessed many an embarrassing moment where an adult child of one of the elders would return home for the celebration, only to have his nose in the air because he became a successful businessman on the mainland, thinking his poop don't' stink. You can bet, an elder especially an elderly wahine (wah hee neh) or woman would dress this person down making him feel like a one inch nail. You never show up anyone in Hawaii, you will be respected no matter what your status is on the social ladder…only if you humble yourself completely.

Then the food is very comforting if done right, and with the myriad of different cultures that make up Hawaii, the spread may look like this… a table with chafing dishes filled with teriyaki beef, lomi salmon, kalua pork, lau lau, chicken long rice, pork adobo, dinuguan, seafood pasta, pizza, grilled chicken, pork and peas, fried mackerel and more. And the dessert spread can look like a bakery, Hawaiians and its people are beautiful and giving people, we take this concept and say we are very wealthy, maybe we aren't Wall Street celebrities, but the wealth we have is Ohana, with love and warmth, and this thing we have and it's called Aloha.

Until next time.

Ron Sambrano
copyright 2014