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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Men's Journal Magazine's © last two tequilas on their top 18 list are listed here. Note, these are copyrighted information, and I am not making money by blogging about these two tequilas. This is to share with foodies information that is pertinent to food and drink.

Casamigos sits at NO. 17, and according to the MJ Staff taster testers, this blanco is aged up to two months while most blancos aren't aged that long at all. So it does have influence of oak right away, with pronounced vanilla and cocoa aromas and flavors. But if you're a fan of ultra-smoothness you will enjoy this tequila. The Casamigos distillers slow-cook the pinas (the sugar-rich heart of the agaves) for three days instead of the typical 36 hours or less.

Cuervo Reserva de la Familia comes from the Cuervo family, they were in the tequila game since 1795, and to celebrate the company's bicentennial, it created a limited "family reserve." For this special offering, the choicest agaves are distilled and tucked away for at least three years in the family's private cellar. Then, before being bottled (each one is numbered and dated), every batch is tested by a Cuervo family member. Each new vintage delivers a different and distinct flavor, but you can always count on a velvet texture and deep, masculine flavors.

This rounds out the last two of MJ's 18 Top Tequilas. What's my take on this? Well for one thing I did learn something about the finer brands, and when it comes from a source such as Men's Journal, hey it can't be wrong, I mean only the men of the world read this mag right? Honestly my drinking days are over, at 50 I'm slowing down, but with this knowledge I can purchase some good to fine tequilas when there's a gathering or something, you know, to turn on other foodies as we dine, hey nothing wrong with that at all. And yes, I'll probably take a shot of one of these for sure, for that special occasion.

Thanks for stopping by the blog and have a safe day, and a great life!

Ron Sambrano

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