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Friday, September 26, 2014


Updating my test kitchen projects for my foodies out there, Project LUK FUN is my  TOP SECRET; CONFIDENTIAL; CLANDESTINE "I'll have to kill you if you know any of my information project from the Pentagon. Information concerning this project calls for stringent protocol from the top level down to the guy mopping up the test kitchen! Seriously. Nah just kidding. Anyhow I'm testing my Luk Fun noodles, and it is my friends a very tedious task. Noodle making is an art, to produce a perfect product sheet after sheet, roll after roll of these pliable, flexible and versatile rice flour noodles that works exceptionally well with any type of Asian stir fry is very popular in Hawaii, and in China Town in Honolulu it is prevalent. On Maui, Star Noodle has reinvented this noodle, creating awesome dishes. Well, I love this noodle and want to try and make it my own. NOPE I'M NOT TRYING TO JUMP ON ANONE'S BAND WAGON. I love this noodle since I was a young lad walking homeless in Beijing. Nah just kidding. But I love this noodle.

Photo above cut luk fun noodles for stir frying

These noodles can be made as thick or thin as you want, the batter is more of a slurry than a..batter. Just think of your pancake batter how thick it is to make a pancake, well imagine you add more liquid or milk to that batter and make it almost watery, well that's the consistency of luk fun batter or.. slurry. And it has to be steamed, with the right ratio of good quality white rice flour, and tapioca starch (flour), salt, sesame oil, and of course the right amount of water. You steam it in pans for a few minutes until it is somewhat glossy, and using a spatula just ply it off of the pan and let it cool. Thinner luk fun sheets are great to roll up like a crepe. You can fill it with finely minced cooked meats, chicken, veggies and what ever seasonings that suits your fancy. 

Photo above is a plain unfilled Luk Fun Roll 

Photo above is a Portuguese Sausage filled Luk Fun Roll

Photos above is Pork Luk Fun, ground pork and veggies stir fried together

The Chinese style of cooking to me is the most practical. Deep down my style suits this style of cooking, out of a wok, quick and simple, as opposed to some of the European types of cooking which I also love. However, out of a wok you can do a lot even searing a Wagyu ribeye and making a wine sauce. You can get gourmet with a wok. And the thing is most Asian style of cooking can be done out of a wok, Korean, Japanese, Thai, and one of my other favorite styles of cooking which is Filipino style suits the wok perfectly, soups can be made in it. But the Luk Fun noodle is my new obsession, and frying it up in a hot wok, these noodles soak up flavors really well. 

If you ever get a chance to visit China Town in Honolulu, or for that matter any China Town, I bet there's some food counter or stall, or cart selling these delicious noodles. And for you paranoid anti GMOers out there, nope the rice flour and tapioca flour I used did not have an Organic stamp on the package, but we been eating this for ages and I haven't died yet! Unless my next batch has Agent Orange in it, it's pretty safe.

Until next time have a great life!

Ron Sambrano
© 2014