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Thursday, February 12, 2015


Having ohana in from the mainland visiting is a good thing, haven't seen them in a while, my sister and her husband kicking on Maui for two weeks, they were nice enough to take me to dinner at Mala Ocean Tavern in Lahaina.

"No reservations until 830pm is that okay?" asked my sis over the phone.

"Yeah no problem, sounds good."

So I waited for them to come and pick me up, and have some good fresh food. When we got there the place was packed, but we did not have to wait too long, in a few minutes a table was cleared perfectly for three. We started out with the popular Ahi Bruschetta for the appetizer. Tasty seared ahi, very clean, citric, with the balsamic. And we had a few cocktails, Bikini Blonde on tap, a lite brew, and a virgin Mojito.

This is what the food looked like, if you ever get a chance to be on the west end of Maui, Mala should be a stop at least once. The staff does work hard, though our waitress may have had a bad day, she was still nice, I've been a waiter in my younger days, and was trained by a strict old dude that taught me the finer points of waiting tables as a professional, and pay attention to the customers, well she did her job so no real complaints, just being in the industry I guess I expect to see staff go above that imaginary bar that I set, but again, she did her job and she was kind, so what the heck.

Seared Ahi Bruschetta © 2015 SAMBRANO
Hoisin Glazed Baby Back Ribs © 2015 SAMBRANO
Grilled All Natural Angus Filet Mignon © 2015 SAMBRANO
Seafood Pasta © 2015 SAMBRANO

The dish I had was the Seafood Pasta, spicy. The Pomodoro Sauce was nice, kinda on the pasty side, but it worked. The flavors did blend, very melodic, and the heat made it exciting. Shrimp was perfectly cooked, the Pappardelle was just right, and bits of the other seafood was perfect like the Dungeness crab, scallops, clams and ahi. Thumbs up!

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