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Monday, February 2, 2015


Frida's Beach House Lahaina, Maui is another creation from Chef Mark Ellman and his wife Judy. Set in the Mala District in Lahaina, a small community of locals that lived there were tied to the ocean that you can literally touch by walking off of the lanai at Frida's. 

The locals were...and still are fishermen and surfers, Mala has a lot of history. The Baldwin Packer's Pineapple Cannery is right across the street, of course it's been renovated in the early 80s and now is a shopping center, Mala is a very unique small stretch of Front Street till today.

Mark and Judy's new Mexican eatery and bar is named after Frida Kahlo the famous artist from Mexico. So why Mexican? Again? Most food aficionados on Maui and really around the world is familiar with Mark and Judy's project Maui Tacos that still is in business run by someone else. 

"I met Judy in a Mexican restaurant, that's how we met, I was the chef and she was the bartender," says Mark. Well, Frida's is a nice restaurant. We were asked to help Mark with some small media work taking pictures of their soft opening which was part of a fund raiser for the school Punanaleo, a school devoted to the Hawaiian language and culture, to preserve it. "My heart is into this," says Mark. "Giving back to the community, our host culture is the right thing, the pono thing."

The important people that made this event happen came by slowly as the sun was setting. And Lahaina has the best sunsets in the world. "The bar will have a nice trade wind breeze," Judy explained. "Our guests will enjoy this experience, sitting here and looking out into that natural beauty."

So if you are near Mala in Lahaina, stop by Frida's Beach House for some authentic Mexican food, and drink. Home made stocks, broths, soups and sauces, a butcher room for fresh cut meats, and homemade gelato, Frida's does it fresh Maui Style. Here are some pictures from the soft opening and the Punanaleo Fund Raiser. Mahalo Mark and Judy for caring for the kids, and the community.

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