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Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Wailuku Town Maui, is an old plantation town, in the central valley of an island that was once a sugar cane mecca. Drive through the town, through High Street, Church Street, Vineyard, Market Street, and Lower Main Streets, hints of the past still linger, the old buildings and its architecture are very much present.

Food is always something people search for when traveling, if for some reason you are not a local reading this blog, maybe a family in New York, or Florida heading to Maui soon, I can tell you this.. The Tasty Crust Restaurant on Lower Main Street in Wailuku, Maui is an old icon, it has stood the test of time, local comfort food at one time was the best here, and over the decades have seen the quality go up and down. I don't think the food here is really epic like it once was, but still for what it is... yeah, I'll eat there.

Yesterday was February the 24th, 2015 and I had a physical to do at a doctor's office close to the restaurant, a friend drove me, and after the checkup decided that Tasty Crust restaurant was where we were gonna go and eat. It was almost two in the afternoon so the major lunch rush was already thinning out, yay for us because I hate crowds. We got there and the waitress said that the chef's special was beef stew, chicken hekka, and luau stew (pork with spinach)...

Well I'm cutting to the chase here because this is just a blog and not a novel, I ordered one of my favorite dishes there simply called Chopped Steak. In the past I remember (the long ago past) that the pieces of steak were thicker, and more filling. When I got mine yesterday it was thin slices of beef with onions, and it was tasty I admit, I don't know but I tasted butter in there which if true it made it rock. I just couldn't get over the meat that was sliced real thin, a good chopped steak will have nicer slightly larger slices of meat, but what the heck, it was filling it really was.

I drizzled some ketchup over the meat and shoe too, even over the mac salad which was delicious.
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