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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Banana Dolphin

Banana Dolphin!

When the kids don't want to eat fruit of any kind, you may want to test your knife skills. Here's a Banana Dolphin I learned how to craft, not as pretty as my instructor's, however, it did the job. The little dude ate it all.

1. Slice the inside of the banana, not too deep just the skin, from about a few inches from the top all the way down to the end. Remove the fruit, and slice a few pieces, and eat the rest.

2. Make slits, to resemble fins, both tail and pectorals. Invert it completely.

3. Trim the stem and make a slit in the stem to make the mouth.

4. Using a black Sharpie pen, dot the eyes.

5. Place the sliced bananas on to the banana peel (skin). Viola!

Okay it's not perfect like my instructor's but it served its purpose. Not bad on the first try guys. And I do have arthritis creeping into me hands eh? So go easy on me all you 3 star Michelin chefs! LOL.

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