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Saturday, July 1, 2017


I've blogged this dish many times before, the Prime Rib dinner at the Market Street Cafe at the CALIFORNIA HOTEL & CASINO , and it was very good, and what made this even better was the fact that the coupon from the meal coupon book from Boyd Gaming took care of this delicious meal, I had fries with this, it came with green beans and the au jus. After the dinner the Cherry Jubilee was a treat. Sorry that picture isn't here but I blogged it on another blog. Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, with cherry compote underneath.

The total meal with fries

What did I like about this particular cut? Well-notice the piece of marbleization in the center, do you see it? Yes sir, that there piece of tasty, mouth watering, tender fat! I sliced around the fat, and saved it for last. The guy sitting next to me at the counter got a lesson on savoring the meat. I took my time, like a surgeon performing a quadruple by-pass. Call me Dr. Ronaldo. I took the horse radish and set it aside, I'm sorry all you PR purists, just not a fan of that condiment on a good piece of bloody meat. I just sprinkled salt over it, perfect.

Hold on, I got to find that Cherry Jubilee it's in a folder, hold on....oh yeah here we go, I found it, look at this what a dessert after a Prime Rib meal!
Cherry Jubiliee

Now it's time for the foodie Yay :) or Nay :( scale.

Cleanliness at counter: Yay :)
Service: Yay :)
Quality of food: Yay :)

The result is all Yay Yay :)!!!!!

But the evening wasn't done just yet, I headed over across the street to the Fremont Street Experience, and stopped by the First Street Stage to watch this 80's cover band called 80s Station. They played everything from Wham, Blondie, Rick James, UB40, Van Halen, Rick Springfield, and I forget who else, they were very good for a cover band. Since Tuesday, I've seen a few cover bands here in Down Town Las Vegas, and all of them were kick ass. OK, they covered other bands, but that's entertainment. Good bands play good covers, and all the bands that I've seen play party rock music, shit that makes you jump up and down and boogie, non of that progressive stiff shitty rock. Well I like that prog stuff too, but not on Fremont Street, on Fremont Street you want people to boogie!
80s Station a 5 piece band the chick can sing!
The guy with the guitar is a good player too
So is the drummer in back, and the other guy that 
sings, and the bassist, all good!
The guy with the mic and Devo hat does a good job
entertaining, the bassist far right is a good Rick
James copy

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