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Friday, July 14, 2017


Life is so short, we don't know when our time is going to come, meaning when we are going to be with God, if you believe in God. Or put it this way, life is too short, you never know when you'll take your last breath on this earth. Let's talk about health for a little while. Last week I took a foodie trip to Honolulu to visit a friend that knew some very important people in the food business. Well we ate. Lots of rich foods, which meant seafoods such as Dungeness crab, lobsters, prawns, mussels, crawdads, and gourmet sausage. We also ate lots of Filipino food earlier that day. For me, that's too much rich and salty foods. The Filipino foods were salty from the patis (fish sauce), also the fats from the pork. Now my blood pressure jacked up despite my Lisinopril (high blood pressure meds). And my Allopurinol (gout meds). Now I did not experience any faint spells on this one day in Honolulu. 

The next few days I was in Vegas and ate lots of beef! Prime rib, strip steaks, short ribs, briskets. My liver, kidneys, and heart was being put through the test. And my trip to The Heart Attack Grill eating a 1/2 pound burger with chili, and lots of bacon and fries didn't help out. The next week all that caught up to me. For a week my left big toe and left ankle was swollen big time. Gout! I needed crutches!

So this is what we need to do. Is be more positive. You see my stupid attitude was like, "Shit I can die tomorrow, so what the fuck, I may as well eat all the good foods I can while I'm here." Wrong attitude. Because to be honest with you, last week dealing with gout and not able to walk I really wish I was dead. Seriously. I had a difficult time going to the potty. Just getting up to get a glass of water was a chore and a half! What I am saying is, we should have this attitude like, "OK I'm going to eat well, so that I won't be in pain tomorrow, so that I can be productive, and not some lame cripple!" Being bed ridden because of gout is no fun period. And the high blood pressure that accompanies with it, not good at all.

Healthy cooking is what I and you need to focus on. OK if you're all vegan and organic forget you guys, but it's me and the rest of us that eats like beef, pork and all the rich proteins are going away for good, we just gotta have it! We need to eat more green vegetables, fruits, drink more water and less sodas, and high fructose drinks. If we want that half pound burger with bacon, maybe as a treat later down the road, but not every few days. I looked at some of my foodie posts, and OMG! My neck doubled in size! Shit! Fat Neck! Nope don't wanna be called Fat Neck!

So I been heading to the local market, got more celery sticks to snack on instead of pork rinds. Feeling better and lost about five pounds already. Got some cucumbers and some Annie's Organic Salad Dressings. Got more bananas and organic peanut butter. For a good dinner I been eating grilled chicken breast sandwiches, less the sauces. Dried out. That's the ticket, and me being a mayonnaise lover, I gotta cut that crap out big time. I got some Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar to add to some water before bed time. It helps lower the uric acid in my blood. Uric acid is the culprit that eats away at the joints, yes that's the gout causer. The devil of arthritis. Bought some black cherry juice too, that's been proven to help gout sufferers. My goal is to keep my uric acid level down by going natural. I don't want to be on those pills, both the Allopurinol and Lisinopril. God didn't make our bodies to be an amusement park. I plan to do more walking too, no mater how humid it is outside. I gotta get healthy again. The last few years I been getting sloppy and out of shape, even my thinking became negative. Not good.

So my goal now is to post more healthy recipes. So look for the next post for some healthy food ideas if you have a weight problem, hypertension or gout problem too. Let's live for tomorrow, and be healthy tomorrow. Like I said, I'd rather be dead than to suffer from bed ridden gout!

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