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Saturday, July 1, 2017


Today's blog post will be the ever so popular Hawaiian style plate lunch entree called "Hamburger Steak", so what is a hamburger steak?

Some will call hamburger steaks, Salisbury steaks, a few patties weighing a few ounces each, or one big patty weighting in at 9-12 oz. Or more for that matter. Now a good hamburger steak is very tasty. That's number one. It has to be made with very good at the least ground chuck meat, with a mixture of at least 80/20 lean to fat mixture. Or 70/30, take your pick. The mixture no mater the ratio, must be seasoned with tasty flavorings. Now here's the trick. My take on a great hamburger steak, is really a meat loaf made into a patty. That's right YOU HEARD ME! You be saying, "What the ______?!" Hey junior watch your mouth boy, don't you say that cussin word round heah!

OK, not a total meat loaf mixture, just have some imagination on making that patty nice and juicy. You see, I got friends that make hamburger steaks and don't put in any flavoring, no imagination what so evahz. I got a friend who makes his with just the ground beef, he seasons it with salt and pepper, and steak sauce. But when he sears it, it is dense. Don't get me wrong, he's a great cook, and I'll eat the whole dang thing, but you see, eating his creation I need a fork and knife. Big NAY! You wanna cut the hamburger steak with a fork only, you heard me. Cut it with a fork only.

So how do you make a patty fork cut ready? You season it, and make a mixture as you are making a meatloaf, that's the trick, while still retaining the beef texture you know? Now I'm not giving you any recipe, that's your job to find one. Below are some hints for ya.

Considering 1 lb. of ground chuck beef. Making 4 1/4 oz. burger steaks.

Mixture ingredients.

A. 1 cup of mayonnaise + 1 egg + 1/2 cup of sour cream+ steak sauce + mustard + 1 cup pako flakes, salt and pepper TT.

B. 2 pieces of white bread soaked in buttermilk + 1 egg + 1 tbp. garlic powder + 1/4 minced onions + 2 eggs + 3 tbp. mustard + salt and pepper TT

C. 1 cup mayonnaise + 1 egg + 1/4 oyster sauce + 2 tbp. Sriracha + 1/4 minced green onions + 2 tbp. soy sauce + salt and pepper to TT.

 There you have 3 ideas on how to make it. Look all you got to do is get really creative, you will need some added fats like mayo, or sour cream, some ingredient like that.  Curry powder, chili powder, celery salt, just get nuts, and mental with it. There are no rules to making a great fork tender hamburger steak.

The picture below is from Google Search and is not mine. Just to give you an idea on what a fork tender hamburger steak looks like. Making a pan gravy with the drippings his a winner too.

Just looking at this, I know it's fork tender

If you look closely, you can tell there is a mixture in there. Oh look, minced onion coming off the patties, that is good. Now when the cook wants a pan gravy, all them drippings will make a fine delicious topping.

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