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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jeffrey Ruhalter how to butcher a pig

My friend Jeffery Ruhalter teaches us the basics of butchering half a pig into the cuts commonly seen in the markets. Watch this video and get an idea of where that pork cut came from. I'm not a butcher, though I've tried like one time to section parts of a pig, this is a skill if practiced, one can really go places in the culinary profession. It takes hands of precision to be a butcher, so even if I'm not skilled like Jeffrey, I can appreciate those that break down an animal into retail quality cuts of meat. Thanks to butchers, we don't have to do what they do we can just go to market and ask for any cut that we need to cook or to play chef. I hope this video makes you respect the butcher, for without him, we'd have to dress and break down a pig, that my friends is not a pretty job.