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Friday, August 29, 2014

MJ's TOP 18 TEQUILAS Continued

Here it is the next few tequila's from MJ Men's Journal©, and again I am not making money off of this blog post, all content is from Men's Journal's website, re-written for this writer.

Qui is a tequila that is called a platinum extra anejo. It is an extra anejo that is redistilled and filtered nine times, and that process accentuates smoothness while still retaining the character provided by the oak. Hints of vanilla, butterscotch, and honey. According to the MJ Staff Taster Testers, it works well sipped or added to a light mixed drink.

Pueblo Viejo according to the MJ Staff Taster Testers, it has a fruity, clean, citrusy, and floral flavor. It is an extra anejo, under the name San Matias Gran Reserve, is aged three years in French oak, and, at veritable well-spirit prices, is among the best bargain tequilas.

Kah tequila is a reposado, with sweet caramel flavors, it is distilled to a whopping 110 proof-maximum allowed by U.S. law-yet somehow goes down as smoothly as Kah's ultra-sexy, coffee-and-cigarettes-evoking anejo, along with an 80 proof blanco. What separates this tequila from the rest is the bottle, Day of the Dead skull bottles are collectibles in their own right.

I'll blog the next few later on, but look at that Kah tequila bottle, that's great for a Halloween party. Especially at 110 proof, do you think it could flame up? Just have fun with tequila, sample as many as you can, and be responsible like, don't beat up anyone if you're all jacked up on it… don't go molesting girls…or boys..shit, just chill out, if you are a rowdy mother f…r! maybe you shouldn't be drinking. Until next time.

Ron Sambrano
© 2014