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Saturday, October 19, 2013


In Hawaii there's a few institutions when it comes to plate lunches, one name that stands out is ZIPPY'S Hawaii, the restaurant that serves local foods that are popular and continues to be in business after all these years. So if you are new to Hawaii and its cuisines, know one thing, the food business here is just as difficult as anywhere in the world, however if you know what people love to eat and serve it with high quality every time, you'll no doubt make it to that next level.

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Zippy's has been around for a long time, and if you were born here, you'd know that Zippy's is famous for several items, one is their fundraising chili.
I remember the old television commercials telling the viewers if they had to raise money for any event, usually it was for youth sports or some school event, Zippy's Chili was the thing to sell, and a lot of people sold it, because it was something most locals would buy to support any good cause, why? It tastes great.

The company has operated for 45 years, that's a very successful run because they cater to the food likes of the locals, they will and I believe will never quit. Some other foods that are famous at Zippy's are their Zip Pacs.
Zip Pacs are stuffed with rice, furikake, and delicious (ono) protein local style, fried chicken, mahimahi, Spam, teriyaki beef, dikon. Less than $8.00, and this my uninitiated pal from parts unknown is a good deal. Damned everything else costs an arm and a leg, eight bucks ain't too bad for this size of food.
Now the genius behind this business of local foods, Zippy's Corporation invented a bakery called Napoleon's Bakery, and it is a very very good local bakery offering every sweet treet you want, and one of their creations that took off suddenly was a pastry called the Apple Napple, it is a buttery flaky apple turnover, French kine if you will, or I will, or I ate a lot of those. You see, before Maui had a Zippy's we relied on relatives from Oahu to come over and bring a box of Apple Napples or Coconut Napples. These little doggies are ono, I mean if you had a Zip Pac, or any Pac because there's Mini Pacs or what ever, or the Chili, a good finish would be a hot cup of coffee and an Apple Napple, the only cons is the flaky crumbs that is left on your shirt, or if you didn't wear a shirt, your skin.

The menu for Zippy's is total comfort food local Hawaii style. Check it out.
The Pupu Platter $28.95 includes Teri Beef, Hoki, Chicken Katsu, Hot Dog, Portuguese Sausage. What's Hoki? Hoki is a fish.
The Chicken Katsu Platter $22.95, note, some local bros can eat this whole platter! No joke! With rice and macaroni salad too.
The Korean Chicken Platter $31.95; as you can guess, Hawaii is a melting pot of different ethnicities, I love Korean flavored foods, and Zippy's has em.
The Fried Noodles Platter $24.50 a bowl of this can feed some hungry folks.

These are just a few of the ono food that locals love to eat in Hawaii, it is simple, no fussing food. If you are looking for a more gourmet type of place of course this isn't where you'd find it, however Zippy's has the comfort foods and setting for family and friends to grab a bit and share stories, or share coaching game plans, or teacher's venting, we all need to vent, and if you aren't into the bar/restaurant scene Zippy's is a great place to meat and eat.

So this blog is just to tease your uninitiated Plate Lunch senses. See their website

And when on Maui, see my friends at Honu Seafood & Pizza, the best in fresh local foods, fish caught in islands oceans, great people, great views on the water's edge in Lahaina.