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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Aloha and it's me again Ron, and no I am not in St. Louis, MO. although my favorite football team is there the St. Louis Rams. But I am on the island of Maui folks, right stuck in Lahaina as I write this blog.

So the other day I was talking to some visitors as usual, I love talking to visitors here and this was about a few hours before TS Flossie hit the island, and this couple was rather apprehensive. "Are we gonna get hit hard?" I was like, "No worries guys."

So I asked them where they were from, and this young honeymoon couple Mark and Alley were from St. Louis, Missouri and just happened to be on the island celebrating their nuptials and enjoying the pre-storm festivities. Oh yeah there were clowns in town laughing it up with funny circus music and balloons.

Anyhow I'll get right to the point, I asked them about food in St. Louis, like what kinds of foods they like to eat. Mark says, "I like to eat steaks. And there's a place called Carmine's Steak House." Okay so what's Carmines? "They got aged beef, great delicious chops, even fresh seafood for being in the central U.S. believe it or not? It's a great restaurant, we go there on occasion, they belong to a restaurant group."

"Yeah I love meat too," says Alley. "We aren't vegans."

Hey my kind of peeps, I mean I love vegan food I really do, but if it's great steaks? I'm there baby!!!!

So I looked up Carmine's on And I was amazed at a lot of people liking this joint. So let's go over what Carmine's is. It is a restaurant that belongs to Lombardo Restaurants, when you search for Carmine's Lombardo's website comes up. So Carmine's is located at:

Carmine's Steak House
20 South Fourth Street
St. Louis, MO 63102
Phone: 314-241-1631

Open for dinner 7 nights a week.

Okay what looks good on their menu? Let's see.

Hmmm their appetizers looks good totally Italian, after all the originals came from Sicily. This is what I'd actually pick if I could only pick one, just from looking at the menu.

I'd get the Toasted Ravioli, Lombardo's Housemade Colossal Meat Filled Ravioli, now anything house made has to be good. I mean anything, it's fresher hence more flavor, that is if it's done right. And I gotta admit, these guys has been around for a long time. So I'd order that, it's $9.75..if it's that great I'd order another one man. 

The salads? I'd get the Caesar Salad, I love that kind of salad, and these guys put Shaved Asiago Cheese in there with their own Caesar Dressing. That costs $8.00.

For the chicken meals? What stood out to me was this one, Chicken Modega which is a boneless breast of chicken, breaded and charbroiled, and topped with Provolone cheese and white wine lemon prosciutto mushroom sauce. That stood out man, sounds really savory eh? $19.95 this one costs.

Seafood? Sorry I get gout if I eat that but if I did eat seafood, or crustaceans I'd order the Spinaci Scallops. It has Shitake shroomz, spinach and bacon, balsamic syrup, topped with gorgonzola cheese. $26.00. Or the lobster tails.

Now for the meat!!!! If I could get only one entree here, by just reading the menu I'd go for the...24 oz. Porterhouse!!!! (The Best of Both Worlds-Tenderloin and Strip Loin Married by the Bone. That sounds wicked!!! $38.00. And all of their entrees comes with a side, and served with Carmine's Steak Butter! Mmmmm, me loves butter!!!! Man if they got a Marinara Mayonnaise I'm all over that shit! Yes!

And the sides? They got some good looking ones, just real good looking stuff, like:

Sautéed Mushrooms and Onions $5.75
In-House-Made Onion Rings $6.95
Sautéed Spinach $5.95
Jumbo Shrimp Scampi $6.25
Jumbo Lump Crab Meat $6.95
Béarnaise $3.25
Cajun Rub $2.95
Gorgonzola Crumbles $3.25
Gorgonzola Sauce $3.25
Pepper loin Sauce with Cracked Pepper $3.25

So just by looking at Carmine's Steak House menu, it's not overly done, it's straight to the point. They're saying "Look, guys we were in biz for a long time, and this is what we do good, no fuss, no fluff, just good Italian style steaks and chops. And I like that kind of menu.

Well you know I've been to a lot of places where the menu is so vast, the chef is trying to make a point, "Hey I been to Thailand, I been to France, I been here I been there, so let me show off my skills." And then you get there, only some of the things are really worth eating. So looking at Carmine's and listening to my friends from St. Louis, if I ever get there, I'd go to Carmine's and sample that big ass Porterhouse steak! And the butter.

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