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Monday, October 7, 2013


Beef Curry in Hawaii is a huge plate, I mean it could be huge, or it could be skimpy if the restaurants sucks. However, we love beef curry, nothing like that stewed beef, and if it has some well marbling it makes it all the better, you see here in Hawaii...we loves us some FAT BABY! I mean c'mon, fat tastes goooood. And if you're a vegan too bad you're missin out.

Okay my friends, here it is, here we go here we go and here we go! When we are empty in the belly, we are hungry, we want something savory, something with some kick, meat, hefty chunks of it, and potatoes, carrots, and celery, and of course gravy, after all in India curry means gravy.

Okay guys I know I know, if you've tasted our version of curry it really isn't like an Indian curry, or a Malay curry, nope, it is really a simple curry, and believe it or not, it's instant curry mix. Haha, the jokes on all them chefs! You see what really makes Hawaiian style beef curry is the half from scratch and half not from scratch...kind of like semi-home cooking with that girl on the Food Network.

The secret to a good beef curry is the meat, and the herbs and veggies, and as for the gravy it's instant..well some chefs will kind of mix their own curry powders, adding in turmeric, coriander, stuff like that, or garam masala. But, a basic ready made curry mix works great, just open the packet and dump it into the stew, and it's all good.

So before you culinary snobs knock our beef curry, think of instant as...well... would you actually make your own sesame oil? Would you make your own mustard? Would you make your own ketchup? You understand now right? Well maybe not, maybe you are anal and are making your own ketchup as we speak, but hey, if you have a plate of beef curry local style you'll be pleased...and I find nothing wrong with cooks & chefs using ready made stuff, I mean I've worked in many a restaurant where the patrons think the chef is some bloody genius, well, lots of restaurants are using ready made long as the meats and veggies are fresh, man that's all that matters, if some cook was using ready made seasons what the heck, as long as it tastes good I ain't complaining.

Below is some of Hawaii's Beef Curry, all photos belong to someone on Google Images. I am not using this post to make any money, so if your photo is here, thanks, and if anything I'm promoting your photographs.
If you ever get to Hawaii, and want something good and comforting to eat, you gotta try beef curry, most places do it pretty good, and again, some cooks will add to the curry mix and it will stand out. But being honest, you see that box of Golden Curry? That's right junior the secret is out... restaurants use it, but hey...that's the way eateries roll now days, most of the places are semi-from scratch. Now if this box of curry sucked, that's another story. As long as the beef is cooked right, and the veggies, and there's no hairs in the food from the cooks or servers, I AM EATING IT!
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