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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


The ever so popular Katsu Curry, a savory chicken katsu topped with a creamy somewhat spicy gravy or curry. Every plate lunch aficionado knows this plate very well. It is not a plate just for anyone. It is a plate for someone that enjoys to be stuffed so that when he's done, he's on the couch passed out, snoring, that's right junior, make no mistake about it. The Chicken Katsu Curry Plate is the plates of all plates. OK, I may have stated other plates were the plate of all plates, excuse me for being alive!

Okay guys, a great Chicken Katsu Curry to me is made up of boneless chicken thighs with the skin still on. Why? Because the skin gives it some juicy stuff that just makes you go "Shit Yeah!" Now, you would not get that if the skin is off. After the chicken is seasoned with salt and pepper, maybe some garlic salt too, it is dredged in flour, and then dipped in a light egg wash, and then dredged in panko flakes for the final breading. And then, it is deep fried in some hot cooking oil.

When that's all done, the chef or cook, or whoever is at the stove will slice the chicken, usually it's 3 thighs, and then plate it with 2 scoops of white sticky rice and a scoop of macaroni salad, hopefully these kitchen people will use Best Foods Real Mayonnaise, the mayonnaise of choice by many a plate lunch lover in Hawaii. If it ain't Best Foods? YOU GOT NO BUSINESS COOKING PLATE LUNCHES GET THE (BLANK) OUT OF HERE!

Sorry, let me catch my breath a bit... Alright, then after the chicken is sliced, a nice curry or gravy is topped right over it, the chicken katsu that is. So what is the curry made of? Well most local digs will just use Golden Curry from a box and mix it with a chicken broth. Or what I like to do, is use half broth, half coconut milk, put some oil in the pan, and add in some curry powder, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper, and then add in the liquid making my own curry, and use a cornstarch slurry to thicken it. Ooooo! That's the shit! I mean as in good shit, not bad shit because we don't ever want bad shit, has to be good shit all the time, and in cooking folks it is good shit we are after always, so be on the look out for cooking good shit.

So those of you who are just thinking, "Man what do locals in Hawaii love to eat?" the answer my friend is blowing in the wind, and the wind is telling you listen to Ron Sambrano, and it is Chicken Katsu Curry, that's what we love to eat. And I'll repeat myself until I'm purple in my fat ass toe, it's all about the food quality, I do not give a (Blank) about presentation, take that shit outta here! No presentation, a great plate lunch has to be delicious (ono), and sloppy, with no presentation whatsoever in the cook's thought!

Okay okay, here's more pictures that I ripped off.


Chicken Katsu Curry folks enjoy.

These pictures depict what a Katsu Curry plate looks like, everyone's presentation is different, I like mine's sloppy looking seriously, I mean come on man, really?!!! Whatever floats your boat or twirls your beanie, this is what it looks like.

Always remember, if your plate lunch doesn't have macaroni salad on it, it's really not a plate lunch, and I can't stand it when a restaurant or food counter sells awesome foods, but no mac salad! I mean come on, it's like going to Disneyland and not seeing Daffy Duck...hold on, wrong duck. I meant what's his name Donald. Yeah that's it. Until next time.. I'm Ron Sambrano and you're not.

If you need a personal chef to make this for you and your lover, give me an email.