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Friday, March 11, 2016


There's the simple people in this world, uncomplicated, love life, no worries, no peer pressure. Their world is easy. So easy when you're with them, you feel good. If someone is better than them in anything in life, well...they don't give a shit. LOL. Seriously. Have you ever hung around easy going people? Aren't they just great to be around? While you're worried about the collectors calling you, they're like, "Eh...let them call, I just let the dang phone ring, when I get the money, they'll get the money, hahahahaha."

Yes easy going people are good to be around, no hangups, nothing. These dear humans make kitchen work easy. Hanging around fun simple people is great for the hypertension disorder. I have a friend that just cooks great food using ready made items. He'll fry the chicken, but as for gravies, he just purchases it at the supermarket. "Ah, I don't know how to make gravy, I can fry the chicken, but gravy? Shit...too much work!" I like that, he can fry the chicken but making the gravy is too much work. It's like saying, "I can take a shit, but I don't want to wipe my ass, can somebody else wipe my ass?" No just kidding, I don't think that's even a close resemblance of an analogy.

One of the best instant gravies is produced by Mc Cormick. Turkey Gravy or Brown Gravy, just follow the directions and voila, gravy you can put over meatloaf, or roasted turkey.

Another good gravy comes from Cambell's, the soup people. Markey, my bro, he'll use these brands all of the time. "Doesn't matter, I don't even think, I just pick one of these brands up. It doesn't matter, packet or can, as long as I don't need to work with drippings."

As you can see, my buddy loves to cook easy style, nothing difficult. And even though I was taught to make gravies from scratch from my mom and brother who was a chef. I don't mind using these two brands. And you can jack up the flavors if you like, I usually add this to some of the drippings off of the roasting pan. It works.

So if you like to fry your own chicken, roast your own turkey, just use instant gravy if you hate making stuff from scratch. No worries.

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