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Friday, April 1, 2016


Sushi has been popular for a few decades now, and there are still new fans flocking to newly open sushi bars. 
Now I'm not a very huge sushi fan, although I love raw fish (sashimi), like raw ahi (yellow fin tuna), or snapper, or some jacks. Or even raw crustaceans are good if fresh.

So if you are not into sushi, and you go to a sushi bar with a friend, and maybe you don't want to be a total sushi geek. Maybe bullshitting is the key here. OK, you have no idea what types of sushi are out there. I'll give you a clue.

Most sushi bars have the standard rolls, like if you go into a Subway Sandwich shop, they got their regular menu, but at times, they'll throw something new at you right? You know, like I go to Subway and love their Pastrami on a footlong Italian roll. But once in a while you'll notice that they got specials, like a grilled turkey breast or something.

So here on this blog post, with the help of Google Images, I'm going to introduce to you some key terms of sushi. And after you read this, you'll get a general idea of what this rolled up Japanese food stuff really is. And I'll keep it simple.

The roll of the day is the Caterpillar Roll. It is called that because the avocado slices on top of the sushi makes it look like a caterpillar.


If you look at the platter, you notice the plate is very fanciful. To the left is a bowl, what is in this bowl generally is soy sauce mixed with some wasabi (the green ball to the right), you take your sushi piece, and dip it in that sauce, it's salty hot, with more wasabi, you get more heat. It is nicknamed Japanese Horse Radish. Underneath is pickled ginger, the pink thin layer sheets. And above that is the Caterpillar Roll. The sauce that's drizzled all over the roll and on the plate is a sweet sauce like a teriyaki, but they call this sauce Unagi, or Eel sauce.

What's in the roll? Different bars put different items inside of their rolls. I've seen one sushi chef add what seemed to be the standard, grilled fresh water eel (unagi), cucumbers, and, with unagi sauce. And once rolled, is topped with slices of avocado, then more unagi sauce and toasted sesame seeds. Usually sliced in 8 pieces. Some chefs add the California roll mixture of a deviled crab. It depends. But the top of the roll looks like this picture above.

Here's a video from Youtube enjoy.
In this video the chef adds fried shrimp tempura, so it can be confusing because some chefs make tempura rolls, and call it tempura rolls, but it looks like the Caterpillar roll. Go figure.

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