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Sunday, June 23, 2013


Okay Paula Deen was never my favorite t.v. chef, but I did however love her rich recipes the ones that would give you a f..... heart attack! However, the Food Network will let this t.v. personality go after a long time on the air. Let's break this down.

1. Under oath, she was asked if she ever used the N word, she said she did, but it was a long time ago. 

2. Blacks use the N word, but if it's a white rich lady using it, then no good.

3. Saturday Night Live writers will have a blast with this one.

4. David Letterman will have a blast with this one.

5. Jay Leno will have a blast with this one.

6. I'm having a blast with this one.

7. Now she can hang with Martha Stewart and learn how to rebound, remember Martha went to prison?

8. Black cooks may take her spot, but they're allowed to say "Whitey, or Honkey"

9. Paula Deen will make several million telling her story to TMZ, and then writing a book, only in America.

10. She can move to Hawaii, love the natives, and have a farm like Oprah.

All in all, she made a mistake, firing her was justified I guess, but there's so much more violent stuff out invasions, car jacking, stuff like that...but Paula made a mistake, it was a bad thing, but she deserves these times, when Jackie Robinson was remembered with a movie about him, we can't have that, and I really feel the Food Network did a good job letting her go...I mean if I was white and said the N word, that would be bad. Real bad.

Though everyone has said something dumb in the past, myself included. But we're only human, and despite I'm not a Paula Deen fan, she did touch lives in the foodie world...she can't be all that bad can she? But for sure I wouldn't trespass on her property, my skin's brown, she may look friendly on camera, but man...imagine if she had a shotgun in hand and I was trespassing on her land?

"Hey Boy!"
"Yeah you you brown skin ______ a _____! Git off my _____ land before I blow your N____ head off you son of a ________!!!!"
"Sorry mam! My name is Ron, and I'm Filipino that's why my skins brown, please don't shoot!"
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