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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


People on Maui ask me all of the time this simple question, "Hey man who was your television chef idols?" So here is my answer, and it is kind of vast.

Graham Kerr, also known as the Galloping Gourmet, he was the guy on public stations when I grew up, it was the first exposure I had with a so-called t.v. chef. I used to watch him make unbelievable gourmet dishes, he'd roast, sauté, and do all kinds of delicious looking meals, and he was able to be simple when explaining how to cook. And he always had a guest he fed at the end of his program, it was a cool show, so looking back he was one of my t.v. chef idols.

Julia Carolyn Child, along with Kerr, she was the t.v chef I admired because she'd cook from the heart, and everything she used though some would look like only rich folks would eat, I could relate on the techniques she used, and she explained her demonstrations in simple terms, so I could definitely relate to her.

Harry Kojima, was a local guy from Honolulu that hosted Let's Go Fishing a Hawaiian fishing show, and he'd cook fish local style on his program, so simple that anyone could do what he could do, soy sauce, green onions, ginger, garlic was the staple.

The Food Network Stars.

The Food Network started this new craze in the foodie adventure, though I am not too thrilled with the current Food Network's fluff, I was a huge fan of these three chefs.

Emeril Lagasse, his live cooking shows with his live band with Doc the leader was a very phenomenal show, he cooked the way everyday folks would cook, and that was great. He wasn't pretentious on his shows, and he was very entertaining.

Jamie Oliver, another Brit standout, I loved his simple easy going and healthy meals that he cooked. The way his producers did his shows was very relaxing, and again it was his good humor, simple easygoing mannerism which struck me. I could understand him, as long as I can understand someone, I'd watch them.

Ming Tsai, he did Chinese and Asian dishes with some flare, and I also met him and his family at the Wine and Food Festival one year out in Kapalua Maui, he was a cool guy, and when he found out I had a local cooking show, he just told me to continue with my passion, so he was very cool.