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Monday, April 21, 2014


2008 Maui Vegan Holiday Festival 
Set in Haiku, this old video was fun to do, it all started with my boss at Down To Earth Natural Foods Sarah Hoppe telling me to do a cooking demonstration at the Maui Vegan Holiday Festival at the Haiku Community Center, and all I had to do was a couple of dishes on stage with a big screen in the back, cool. I made some crisp tofu with a vegan sour cream sauce with some herbs and veggies. It went off really well as I recall. I had to get up the hill from town, by myself, load up all my cooking gear, knives and all the ingredients that was sponsored by Down To Earth, I loved going to Haiku, it is a peaceful place. Heading out from Kahului, passing the airport, and then into Paia town, and out of Paia town and eventually driving into the little town of Haiku, the district that is very very small town country and the same area where the famous surf spot Jaws is at. Haiku, a cool place, lots of history there.

Anyhooo, my friend Kat Tracy followed me to produce this little flick of foodies in Haiku, all Vegan, all organic stuff. Kat's a cool sister, we did  dozens of food videos in the past, and she's super cool. At the time in 2008, I was really involved with Akaku Community Television, Maui's only television station that is for the community, and it's all local producers doing shows for the island. I love it. The 2008 Akaku team was filled with the nicest people. I remember going into Linda Puppolo's office to talk about her family, and talking to CEO Jay April because he was a Red Sox fan, and I'm a die hard Dodgers fan, we had baseball in common. And then the programming crew with Shawn Michael and Peter…those were the days.

Yeah so this clip is just me trying to be like a Guy Fieri or something, you know, talking food with the other chefs and foodies, and finally doing a cooking demo, lots of fun back then. I can't wait to do this stuff again, it's nice to share things with others and also learn from each other, that's the cool part about that day in 2008, it was all natural, the folks were awesome, and I was actually eating better in 2008. What can I say, when you're around organics and lots of veggies and fruits, who needs fried chicken from a gas station?

Click this youtube link: producer Kat Tracy