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Friday, April 25, 2014


Panda Express is and got to be the best chain restaurant in the world that serves up Chinese food. I mean c'mon it's in every major city, it's even in Maui where I live. And although I'd rather have maybe a kau yuk, and pot stickers from a major China town U.S.A. because I've never been to fucking China, I'd take Panda's any day when I'm in a hurry and hungry. Really you can't go wrong with your choice of sticky rice, fried rice, or my favorite the chow mein noodles for my starch. 

If you look at the picture here, I was with a buddy of mine who is a high school teacher, so when he was all stressed out because of the state's educational departments' incompetence and the students that aged him by 5 years because the kids now days have no respect, not like in the good old 80s right? I mean sure we cussed back then…but I mean all we did was smoked weed, and told the teacher we hated where to go. We didn't threaten him with a 9" cimeter or a 9mm Glock did we? Noooo. So my buddy was just trying to unwind and the place we picked for dinner was Panda's on Kiawe street off of Highway 30 in Lahaina across of the Lahaina Cannery Mall. Cool. My plate was filled with chow mein noodles, some grilled teri chicken mmmmm, and some spicy cod. The portions at Panda's are always just right, and sometimes the girls will just add on a few more ounces of food, and us local Hawaii boys, man we can scarf!

Okay I can make Chinese food a little better I think, it's the pride and ego we chefs have, but as a paying customer, what the hell? Panda's is okay, can't complain…ok maybe the sweet and sour sauce or whatever may come from a can from their corporate distribution hub, but again what the hell? It's fast food Chinese done right..their business model is a success, and really it's all about making money. I'm sorry, yeah you need a product, and you gotta fill a need, but it all comes down to execution and making it happen, ringing the registers, because if you aren't ringing your registers, you aren't good in business. Take note future entrepreneurs in food and beverage, take note. Fill the need, have quality food and service, feed em quick, take the cash and make that deposit at the end of the night.

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