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Monday, April 21, 2014


Personal chef jobs, I like to do the smaller gigs, no large groups where the people are loud, don't want that, I like to serve people for a reason, like a person who can't cook living by themselves, or romantic dinners for two, and maybe a small family dinner like 4-8 peeps.

Well, one of my gigs I had to deliver some food to some office girls, so what did they wanna eat? Pasta with shrimp, or scampi…scampi actually means shrimp to begin with, so if you say "pasta with shrimp scampi" you are actually saying "scampi scampi" anyhow, that's something up for discussion.

Here's my tip on heating up shrimp in a hot pan when making shrimp shrimp haha. 

First get a pan, one that you are comfy with…me, I'm old school I love stainless steel baby! Okay follow me, shrimp is something you don't want to overcook because like most crustaceans overcooking em can make em tough. But don't fret, I'll walk you through it real easy like… First, you heat up the pan over high heat or medium high heat with some oil, take your pick, I'll use light olive, canola or anything in the cupboard with a little garlic and some butter. Once the oil and butter begins to slightly smoke I toss the shrimp into the pan, and keeping the heat kind of strong, I'll simply cook the shrimp until it turns from pale to like a pinkish orange, once it turns, I pour a few ounces of sherry wine, or dry white wine, and just cook it so the alcohol burns off, then I take those suckers out of the pan and on to a warm plate. Then I'll take a stick of butter the unsalted kind, and melt it in the same pan. Then I'll put a little more white wine in there and slowly melt it down, not boil it, melt it. Then I'll place the shrimp in a little saucer or boat, and pour in the melted butter, garnished with some minced garlic and chives, and sprinkling some salt and white pepper over everything. Or if I'm making pasta, I'll heat up the shrimp in the butter, and top the pasta with the shrimp. Easy!

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