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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


CHEAT? You got to man, sometimes cheating is the only way! Well not cheat on your spouse dumb ass! Not that, or not cheat on the taxes, I've never done the latter. I'm an innocent lad from the old land.

When it comes to food, cheating is okay, like when you got friends coming over for dinner, and you told them "I'll cook everything, and all I do is all from scratch." Okay, maybe the salad and dressing was from scratch, and that rib roast and the sauce…all from scratch. But that cake you were baking, you wanted a chocolate sauce, but didn't have the chocolate to melt down in your double boiler, what?

Here's where yours truly Brother Ron comes into play. You get junior to get is sorry ass in your F 150, and head down to the market and get some Hershey's chocolate syrup. HEY LISTEN YOU GOTTA DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO!!!! So have JR go buy a large bottle of chocolate syrup, hell it doesn't have to be Hershey's, it could be Nestles with the bunny rabbit who cares? Then when he gets home smelling like he just smoked a roach (Just kidding), heat up that syrup in the micro wave to make it warm. 

Then what? When you're ready for dessert, you squirt the chocolate syrup out into another cup, and spoon it over each piece of cake for your foodie friends, what a concept, cheating is, awesome! The only draw back would be if JR was seen by one of your guests at the market when they were buying a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. Haha, you run with the Devil you pay the price somehow, but hey, if you gotta cheat, so be it. Just don't cheat on your spouse you bozo heads!
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