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Saturday, August 30, 2014


Tricks are for kids silly rabbit. Remember that commercial for…for… that cereal when I was a kid… I think it was, hey I'm 50 so my mind isn't as sharp.

Here are some tricks for you to do when you are prepping some ginger. Now if you look at a piece of ginger root, it looks kind of F d up… I mean it isn't smooth, it has a lot of freaking irregularities, and some of you may have tried to peel that sucker with a paring knife or vegetable peeler with less than perfect success, but have no fear, use a spoon. "What?" Yeah you heard me junior, go get a teaspoon from your drawer, and use it to scoop off the skin from the ginger.

Also, for garlic, have you ever tried to peel the stupid skin off of those cloves? Here's what you do, take that whole bulb and toss it in a bowl of cold water, the water will wilt the skin somewhat and you can just peel that off exposing a naked bulb of garlic and you can just pull apart the cloves that you'll need.

If you really want to get simple.. just buy the ginger or garlic minced, or chopped, they sell it at the markets, and I'm sure if you go to Costco you can get a full jar of it already prepped saving you time, and zero knife work. That's the beauty of ready made ingredients, I love it. Who cares what chefs or other foodies would say, to me it's all about simplicity. We used to do that all the time on our cooking videos on cable access, haha, we were just having fun, we'd have the camera on the cutting board, and I would start out by using a cleaver mincing, then all of a sudden we'd cut the tape, and put some ready made minced garlic and ginger and it was the cleverest of camera tricks. Hahaha, they do that in cooking shows that's taped, it's all Hollywood. But who cares if your knife skills aren't up to par,it's all about putting your meal together fast!

Until next time Ron.
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