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Monday, August 4, 2014


Home cooking should be easy, simple, uncomplicated, and delicious at the same time. Now there's a lot of people on the anti-GMO band wagon, and yes, to some degree I'm all for non GMO. However, for some ready made ingredients, I need to trust the FDA that the stuff I'm buying is somewhat safe, I say somewhat because nothing in this life is foolproof. 

Now that is out of the way, let's talk about home cooking, and keeping it simple. Buying pre-packaged ingredients saves time, and in some instances if on sale will save you money as well. For instance.

Grated cheddar cheese- when making tacos, burritos or omelets, makes cooking easy.

Packaged salad greens- just unpack and rinse and get your dressings ready.

Pre-packed steaks- there's no need to get a chunk of strip beef and slice your own New Yorkers, buy them pre-packed, season them and go to your grill and enjoy the company.

Pre-packaged chicken thighs- sold frozen, and doesn't stick together. You can remove only what you need from a 3-5 pound pack.

Canned mushrooms- great for stir fries, and braises and soups, just open, rinse and cook.

Canned soup stock- if you want a fast and easy soup, all you need to do is open a can of beef or chicken stock, heat it up and add any veggie or meat to it, and voila you got soup.

Here's the thing guys, most ready made foods, or packaged, or canned foods are pretty safe unless there's a recall on a defective product. I've worked in professional kitchens and guess what? A lot of chefs do cheat, they do use ready made stuff at times to cut the cost, it's just they won't' tell you that.

Until next time, or the next post, cook and be HAPPY!
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