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Friday, August 29, 2014


MJ's 18 Best Tequilas are being blogged here, and it's the last few on their list. Not an expert on tequilas I'm always looking on what's happening. So, as I explore via my friends that love tequila to Men's Journal Magazine, learning about food and drink is fun, and since we all got to eat and drink, learning about the top stuff is always good to have in your mind. If you're socializing with tequila aficionados you'll have some info to inject. Like, "Hey guys..seriously I'm not an expert like you guys, so I'm learning, by the way I read in MJ that 123 Organic Tequila's all organic…I mean, what do you guys think…I mean like I said guys, I'm not an expert, so just saying…" You see, when you join in on a conversation like this, your expert friends will love to share with you their knowledge, especially if it's the guys, it's all about pride, and (I'm a guy, hey you're cool rookie, let me take you under my wing). So without any further delays, I'm gonna write.
MJ (Men's Journal) is a ©, this writer is merely rewording some of their content for this blog. and not making any profits from this blog post, merely sharing information.

Siembra Azul''s is the next tequila on the MJ's list, and listed at $34.00 a bottle, it looks to be not too bad as far as the price. According to MJ, the tequila comes from the highlands of Jalisco, and Founder David Suro-Pinera produces this tequila only in the winter when fermentation is slower, and according to their website produces more complex flavors. During fermentation, Suro Pinera plays music from the classical composers such as Mozart and Vivaldi "to reduce environmental stress" while the yeast works their magic on the open vats of bubbling juice.

Don Julio 1942 in this pic, is a two-and-a-half-year-old near extra anejo. The 1942 is like a fine cognac, with fiery spice balanced by notes of salted caramel and creamy tropical fruit. The price is less than the Casa Dragones.

Milagro has this ultra smooth, triple distilled tequilas. It spends a month in French oak, the results walk the sweeter side of blanco-the spice is clove, not jalapeƱo-but with a sharp, tangy edge.

These are the latest tree from MJ's staff tester tasters, again all of the content is MJ Men's Journal ©, rewritten for this blog.

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