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Sunday, May 3, 2015

In Hawaii we love to snack on all kinds of stuff, and the stuff we eat for watching a movie at the theater, at home, or doing homework, to watching your kids Pop Warner football game may be alien to you when you are first introduced to it, however I've found once someone samples our stuff... the next thing you know, they'er buying the stuff we snack on. Okay...on to the stuff we eat.

 Hawaiian Values looks like a new kid on the block for potato chips. With the giants like Lay's I know these guys will be tested. Just saw these today at a local convenience store, nope I've never tried these yet. But the Maui Chips Sour Cream and Onion chips looks like a good one, these bags are weighed in at 3 oz.
These Volcanic BBQ chips might be the ticket if you're hungry, hungry fro BBQ but can't get to the grill... 

The other stuff locals in the islands love is a rice cracker treat made up of rice, and is flavored by soy sauce, and seaweed, it is called arare (ah rah reh). It is a Japanese rooted snack. Arare comes in different shapes and sizes per package. Kids would trip to their local snack shop and buy these treats and share them with classmates after school doing homework. Adults would buy them at the same store and snack on it while watching a movie, a game, or as a snack drinking beer before the cookout. The brand you see here is Tomoe (toh-moh-eh) based in Honolulu, Hawaii.

These snacks can be purchased online and even in some mainland supermarket chains. If you are reading this and won't be coming to Hawaii anytime soon check out this link below.

Heading to Vegas? Hitting the Fremont Street Experience? Go and eat a juicy burger at Heart Attack Grill.