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Sunday, May 17, 2015


 This is Hawaii's awesome, everyone wants it shell seafood creature, you can say it's our oyster, kinda sorta. From the east to the west, to the south and up north shores in Hawaii, the Opihi hunters are out in force, armed with flathead screwdrivers, or butterknives, with a band tied to the handles, and with rubber slip on shoes for grip. They are out possibly to scrape opihi off the rocky shoreline to fill 5 gallon buckets to take home and freeze for a future baby luau, or a high school graduation, or any special celebration. The bigger the medallian size opihi, the better. Yes ladies, I guess in this instance even for dudes.. haha, size matters.

Grilling opihi is the common method for cooking these little guys, with a douse of simply soy sauce, or chili pepper water and a nice cold beer, it's heaven. Anytime you get a chance to come to Hawaii and you find opihi in a local market, or you're invited to a local's backyard party, try it and see if you like it. If you love oysters and clams, you'll have no trouble swallowing opihi anytime and any day.

Photo above is from the Kam Family on Word Press.

Photo from Pinterest

How to clean it and cook it.

1. In a bucket filled with cold water, simply rinse the opihi to rid of sand or other unwanted particulars. Some people will use sea water, or fresh water with salt added to it.

2. Drain it, then heat up your grill. Grill the shell side down, and using a tablespoon, add on some of your favorite sauces, I mean anything you like. Tabasco, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, anything. We like Chili Pepper Water. And yo can find that in some local markets like Filipino stores or Asian marts. Once the meat starts to prop off of the shell and the sauce is bubbling it is ready to be eaten, with a cold beer always!

Happy Opihi Pickings!

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