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Friday, October 9, 2015

MACAYO'S Mexican Kitchen Las Vegas, Nevada

Macayo's Mexican Kitchen 8245 W. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 702-360-8210 

Mexican food is trendy, popular, epic, universal, casual, well sought after. Well if you are traveling to the southwest part of the U.S. mainland, and visiting Sin City Las Vegas, and you are a true foodie in every sense of the word, a couple of people I just ran into from Sin Town said to try Macayo's Mexican Kitchen, they got great food. Well the next trip I take to Sin Town will have me trekking Sahara Avenue to eat there. I Yelped it and the website looks amazing, but their corporate... woo.... corporate I really don't like that word unless I had shares in a corporation and it was killing it today on the stock exchange.

Click this link to visit their site :MACAYO'S MEXICAN KITCHEN

THE LUNCH MENU is very affordable, the Spicy Chilorio looks good for 9.99 it comes with grilled chicken, sautéed chiles, onions & tomatoes in a creamy cheese sauce, served with refried beans & flour tortillas.

THE DINNER MENU also affordable, for the starters I'd go for the Appetizer Combo, 2 chicken wings, two taquitos, two mini chimis, two potato skins, and two chicken fingers served with ranch dressing for only 10.99.. man can't get that price on Maui. The Albondigas Soup, rice filled meatball soup bowl for 5.99, or a Macayo Hamburger a 1/2 pounder with cheese, bacon, green chiles, starts at 7.99 with add ons for .89, not bad..Or the Steak Cortez sound awesome, a Choice steak stuffed with mild peppers and spices, covered with mushrooms and spicy melted cheese served with rice, refried beans and flour tortillas for 14.99. Or the Carnitas Enchiladas, tender juicy pork carnitas stuffed into corn tortillas, topped with reline sauce and spicy baja cream sauce. Served with rice and refried beans for 12.59...

Here's some pics

Just go and check out the site, they got good looking drinks too.

Until next time