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Friday, October 9, 2015


Yesterday my business associate and myself went for lunch at the Pineapple Grill in Kapalua. Usually the place that is in the same complex as the Kapalua Bay Golf Course is a very good restaurant for casual fare. But recently within...maybe a couple of years, I had a hard time deciphering what the heck are they doing. They got breakfast, then they don't. They got new owners, and new chef. Then they do only brunch on weekends, then not. Then they got another new this and that, and it's all confusing. So yesterday we walk in there at around 11 something, the waitress tells us "We are still serving breakfast..." I'm like "Really?" because back then... yeah back then they had killer Seared Ahi Eggs Benedict, rich, with potatoes and a hot cup of keep it coming coffee was DA BOMB!! Unfortunately on this day, I looked at the menu and said, "Hey can I get the Ahi Benny?" The waitress said, "Sorry we just serve the Crab Benny."

What?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who is the chef?!!!!!! You scratched one of Maui's prized fish? Are you dumb? Are you not a good business person? Who owns this joint now I should slap that person across the head!!!! I like crab bennies, but not on this day. Okay, so I asked for the 1/2 pound burger with bacon, and avos.. great, but it was so tacky, it came on a small cutting board, with Maui Chips from Lay's... Are you F.....inkg nuts? And the fries were separate. Man this is a prime example of stupidity, bad for business acumen. If they were a rock band, they'd play a concert and not play their best hits leaving the fans looking bewildered. Sorry Pineapple Grill, it was not YAY for me. It was totally NAY!!!!

The services however from the waitstaff and the manager on duty was very friendly and professional, so I guess it was a NAY/YAY DAY.

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© 2015